Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Poll: majority support cuts to government departments

The majority of Canadians support federal government spending cuts of, at least, $4 billion annually, according to a new survey by Nanos Research. Nik Nanos says, “Six in ten Canadians (58.8%) agreed or somewhat agreed … while about one in four (23.5%) disagreed or somewhat disagreed, and nearly two in ten (17.7%) were unsure.” (Details available here.)

There is a large and influential group which opposes any cuts to government. This group is comprised of public sector workers, their unions, the politicians beholden to them and the media actors who support their politics and their income redistribution objectives.

Beyond that, however, I believe our bloated public sector is only sparsely supported across the land. Most Canadians understand that our current government has outgrown our capacity to properly fund it, despite the average Canadian already paying more than 42 per cent of their earnings in taxes.

Canadians, as a group, are smarter than politicians, as a group, and they know the time has come to get our fiscal house in order and balance our annual federal and provincial budgets so we can hasten the critical task of reducing our mounting public debt.

Canadian taxpayers are spending something like $63-billion in annual interest on public debt. That, readers, is about $173-million a day.

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