Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Overenthusiastic third parties?

AConservative senator for PEI could be on to something when he suggested yesterday in a radio interview that “interested third parties”—not necessarily any of the political parties—could be the culprits in the election “robo-call” scandal.

Morning host Jordi Morgan interviewed Senator Duffy on Halifax radio station News 95.7 Monday morning. Mr. Duffy said:

People have to remember that it’s not just political parties that are operating during a federal election campaign. Under the law, we have all kinds of interested third parties that are operating in election campaigns, and I think that’s where we have to be careful. People are throwing stones but there have been third parties that have been attacking Conservatives as well as Liberals and New Democrats.”

I share the senator’s view that, in his words, “This isn’t the end of the world here. But it is something that needs to be investigated… .” I just wish opposition politicians like Liberal Bob Rae and NDP Pat Martin and interested third parties would tone down their rhetoric until there is some real (court-quality) proof to be debated.

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  1. I'll give you Pat Martin, never one to miss the chance to use a blowtorch when a match would do, but what has Bob Rae done other than demand that the PM get to the bottom of this? It seems he is being way more circumspect than Harper ever was when it came to Sponsorship (he is not, for example, accusing the Prime Minister himself personally of being a criminal as Harper did; I don't think there is anything Rae said in the House that he hasn't also said out of the House, unlike Harper who knew he would be sued if he repeated his own statements outside the protection of the House.)

    If this Conservative dirty tricks campaign is anything close to what it appears, it is a very serious, criminal election fraud.

    It is the very core of the opposition's job and duty to the country to press the government on such matters.

    1. You cant be serious.... Bob Rae about PMSH regarding the robocalls - “He has allowed to seep into his party and into his organization a culture of attack and, frankly, a culture of deception and dirty tricks, where almost anything goes.” ... or does this not sound like a personal attack , with a suggestion of criminal involvement to you?
      The House voted on a full investigation to be done by Elections Canada and the RCMP and every Conservative voted for it along with the opposition. What more do you want from them at this point?

  2. Don't forget the "Nixonian" reference Bob Rae made. Although he didn't outright call th PM a criminal (I don't think PM Harper did of Martin either), it clearly refers to this being a criminal act.

    It iseems obvious to me that hard core Liberal supporters like Ted have been flooding Conservative blogs lately spewing nonsense about this so-called Robocall scandal even if the post was dealing with a totally different subject. Makes me think that this was a manufactured scandal and an orchestrated effort to derail parliament and try and over turn the election result as Sun News has reported. Now I am not saying you are part of that effort Ted, but you might want to try and look at this objectively without your partisan blinders on.

    These calls (which are made by all parties) was well known months ago immediately after the election. Why on earth did they wait this long to rail about it? Why did no one from the opposition demand that Elections Canada investigate this back then?

  3. You seem to have bought into Harper's line on this, hook, line and sinker.

    It is not the Liberals or the media who created this, my friends.

    They are all reacting to an investigation, a real and live investigation, by Elections Canada. The same government oversight agency that successfully brought charges against the Conservatives for their in-and-out scam. Charges I'll remind you that the Conservatives confessed to and pled guilty to.

    And now the RCMP is investigating.

    Are you saying that Elections Canada, headed by a Harper appointee, and the RCMP are manufacturing election fraud investigations to get at the Conservatives?

    Even the staffer Harper threw under the bus the other day is now speaking out - now that he might face criminal charges - to say that he wasn't the one who carried this "fraudulent" (his words) activity.

    Other Conservatives have said they resigned because of the conduct of the party during the election. Conservative marketing company staff have been quoted, on the record (not anonymous "sources") as saying they complained to the party, their superiors, the RCMP and Elections Canada during the election. The investigations have just taken this long to get to the public.

    As for your quotation about Rae, the Conservatives have indeed admitted to dirty tricks like with Irwin Cotler and to illegal conduct like with in-and-out. His comments on this event in particular has hardly been anywhere near hysterical as claimed.

    But it should be.

    Electoral fraud is an attack on all of us.

    1. Wow, Ted, you're now prosecutor, judge and jury? Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

  4. I am not claiming to be a judge or to judge here, Russ. Who have I said was guilty?

    In my view, there is clearly and obviously misconduct here that appears to be illegal. But I don't know who did it and I haven't accused anyone of doing it.

    On in-and-out, I don't need to be the judge. Elections Canada charged the Conservatives, they pled guilty and were convicted accordingly.

    On the Irwin Cotler dirty tricks, the Conservative Speaker called the conduct "reprehensible" and the Conservative Party admitted it completely.

    On Chuck Cadman, Harper himself admitted that the Conservatives offered the dying man "financial consideration" to come back to their side on the vote.

    The prior Speaker also found them in contempt a number of times - a record number of times - and for the first time in our entire history Parliament found the government in contempt of Parliament.

    And on the latest anti-democratic scandal to hit the Conservative Party, I'm with Bob Rae: there is an ongoing EC investigation and an RCMP investigation and Conservatives themselves are saying there was fraudulent conduct, and the Conservative Party has an awful track record but we don't know what happened so let's have a full and public hearing on this scandal to ascertain exactly what happened and who was involved and how far up the chain of command it did or did not go.

    Harper has refused, of course and not surprisingly.

    My only point is that this did not start with the Liberals or the media. It is hardly partisan to point that out, but it is very partisan to try to say it is.