Friday, February 10, 2012

New Democrats in free-fall, now in second place in Quebec

The New Democrats are now in second place in Quebec, according to a new Forum Research survey. This is the first time since last May’s federal election Photo of Nycole Turmelthat the Dippers have trailed the rebounding Liberals in Quebec. The National Post, reports NDP support at 25 per cent in the province, down significantly from the 43 per cent of the vote that party captured in Quebec in the last election.

The Liberals, according to the Post, have gained seven points since last month and now lead with 28 per cent in the province, while the Conservatives stand at 24 per cent and the Bloc Québécois at 20 per cent.

This is further proof of what a combination of an overly long, lacklustre leadership campaign and a pathetically ineffective interim leader can do to a party’s prospects.

Nycole Turmel has been the least effective leader of the official opposition, albeit on an interim basis, I’ve witnessed, ever. What could Jack Layton and Brian Topp have been thinking?

As to the Grits, it sure won’t hurt their interim leader, Bob Rae’s, case for assuming the leadership role on a permanent basis. Right now Rae’s the de facto leader of the opposition.

Turmel, with her inadequate communication skills, is virtually invisible behind the shadow Rae casts in the House of Commons.

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  1. Hopefully the CPC can gain another 8 to 10 more points and we can can keep the country on the right track. Just look what socialism has done to Greece and the rest of Europe. All I can say is ye haw. Now let's hpoe Rae becomes leader so Ontario can pay him back for his tenure.

  2. She is a placeholder - and the Quebec pander was obvious for all to see. Don't end her stewardship anytime soon - she's a keeper. Snoozefest. lol

  3. Wow. Maybe we should add our organizational skills to the NDP to keep them competitive in Quebec.