Monday, February 13, 2012

Mulcair leads in new poll

Thomas Mulcair leads the NDP leadership race, according to a poll taken of NDP members and released by Ottawa MP Paul Dewar’s campaign team. Toronto MP Peggy Nash garnered the second most support followed by Dewar. Perhaps more interesting is that Brian Topp previously presumed to be a frontrunner placed fifth behind B.C. MP Nathan Cullen.

The poll was taken on Feb. 8 and 9 using interactive voice response phone calls to 56,522 NDP members across Canada of which 6,373 New Democrats responded. Respondents were asked for their first and second choices—preferential ballots will be offered to all NDP members on March 24.

Seems like it’s now a three-way race that does not include the NDP insider and Layton-pick, Brian Topp. Based on Sunday’s debate in Quebec City in which Paul Dewar struggled in his second language, however, I wonder how fit he is to lead a party so heavily dependent on support from Quebec.

Which, of course, would suggest a race between Mulcair and Nash with Cullen or Topp sneaking up the middle… maybe.

See more of the results here

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