Friday, February 3, 2012

Liberal’s fundraising improvement not a surprise

The recent dip in the Conservative party’s fundraising seems to be brightening the collective hopes—of pundits who support the Grits and Dippers—that the string of Stephen Harper election victories may come to an end soon. Feeding this optimism are financial reports posted on Elections Canada’s website this week.

Those reports show that the Conservatives raised $4.1-million in the fourth quarter, but for the first time in five years they didn’t take in more than 50 per cent of Canada’s political donations. They remain Canada’s best funded political party, however, it was their worst fourth quarter result since before Stephen Harper became prime minister.

The Liberals raised $2.8-million, their best fourth quarter result since 2006, and the New Democrats received $1.6-million, their worst result since 2007.

Given the intensity of efforts by Conservatives to keep their war chests topped-up during the period when they ruled with a minority and had to be prepared for an election that could have come at any time, it seems natural for them to have scaled back somewhat on their fundraising.

As to the Grits, that party just completed their biennial convention. With the attention such events attract, it is hardly a surprise they narrowed the fundraising gap.

For several years now, the Tories’ have outpaced the Grits by millions of dollars and such a disparity had to end sooner or later. Add into the mix the faltering of the NDP as official opposition, and the Liberals begin to look to potential donors like the de facto government in waiting.

The New Democrats’ third-place showing can be explained by need for their members to separately fund many long leadership campaigns. And, undoubtedly, choosing the uninspiring Nycole Turmel as interim leader has been a drag on NDP fundraising efforts.

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  1. Remember the liberals had a convention and 3000 plus liberals had to shell out a lot of money to attend and how much of that money went for fundraising.

  2. Mind you Russ the ndpq are holding the liberals in a noose by that I mean for example Pat Martin among others have reminded the liberals of taking $56BILLION from the EI funds..... which frankly I never new of this until I read it in the newspaper.
    Pat Martin again on Evans Solomon show flatly reminded Evans of the liberals' 56billion dollars mess, to which Evans remained silent.
    They are many liberals who have not re paid their loans to EC.

    Jack Layton during the may election campaign was question why he talking about healthcare since it is a provincial matter. To my shock and surprise Jack Layton responded "the liberals cut funded to provinces for healthcare"
    Then there is liberal bob rae who bankrupt ontario leaving many seniors in a mess.

    The ndpq, also fully aware just like the conservatives, of the media's silence to the liberals' wrongdoing by keeping them away from the public.

    No amount of money can buy the liberals outright anymore they are stuck with the ndp and by george Russ, the libs dare not make the mistake of defying the ndp at any stage or else they would be blown wide open including their media.

    Sorry to go off the topic but my fingers couldn't stop typing what I have to write.

    1. I understand/sympathize with your frustrations with the left-lib media who under report Liberal wrong-doing. To be fair, though, the EI fund issue was widely publicized at the time.

      As to the former Liberal leadership candidates ("many liberals who have not re paid their loans") who were years late repaying their campaign loans, it is clearly a public disgrace that the media has been so soft on the issue.

    2. Jen, you must be young to not have heard of the 53 billion that the Liberals took from the EI fund.These are the sort of scandals that the MSM sort of covered and then disappeared.Not like the scandals that PM Harper is involved in.Imagine trying to ensure that there is enough money in the Old age pension fund for future generations.Now that is a scandal you will hear about for many weeks until the budget.Only what you will be hearing is PM Harper is gutting the Old age pensioners fund,he will be sending seniors to the poor house.Pretty sad really,try to protect the elderly in their old age by ensuring there is enough money in their pension funds and all hell breaks loose.53 billion disappears from Ei account to balance the budget and the Liberals get called hero,s for eliminating the deficit.Put the Libs back in and order a supply of brown envelopes,cause that is what the MSM want.

  3. Or, like myself, gave the maximum earlier in the year before the election. Started my donations again in January.