Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Liberal Dosanjh’s Tweet: incredible arrogance or just stupidity?

The Liberals do get carried away with themselves, don’t they? Thanks to BC Blue for pointing out what he describes as “an unbelievably arrogant defence of  politicians’ pensions.” He’s referring to Liberal MP Ujjal Dosanjh’s recent Tweet that “If u want the best MPs don’t cut pension. Don’t elect gud 4 nothings.”

Ontario MPPs, who, of course, do not have a government pension plan—they make contributions of up to 10 per cent of earnings to self-directed RRSPs—must be quite surprised to hear they are good for nothings.

Does Mr. Dosanjh believe Premier Dalton McGuinty is a good for nothing? Apparently he does.

Rich pensions obviously attract career politicians like Mr. Dosanjh. Many excellent politicians, however, far from being good for nothings choose to serve for a myriad of other—some noble—reasons.

Mr. Dosanjh’s attitude is just the sort of thing that makes politicians one of the least respected professions. Read his Tweet below then answer this: who is the good for nothing here?

Here’s a recent screen capture of Dosanjh’s Tweet:


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  1. I pick the n-th.

  2. I'm reminded that just a few weeks ago the media made a big deal of a fifteen year old wise-ass who tweeted to Tony Clement that he couldn't spell "tonight" properly (TC had tweeted 'tonite', a common substitute). Where's the fuss that Dosanjh spells "good" as 'gud'?

  3. The MP pension plan is long past it's best before date. It needs a thorough reworking now to bring it in more in line with the private sector.

    New pension legislation should be passed a year before the next election and then MP's can decide whether or not they want to continue to serve under a new pension scheme.

    When Parlament sits after the next election everyone is in the same boat.

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