Monday, February 27, 2012

Liberal dirty tricks

The defender of democracy and decency, interim Liberal leader Bob Rae, has reportedly “apologized for the Liberal staffer who was behind the Twitter account that posted private details of Minister Vic Toews’ life online.” Rae said:

“The employee involved has advised me that he took this initiative on his own, has apologised for his action, regrets the embarrassment he has caused and has offered his resignation. In the circumstances I have accepted it.”

It seems highly unlikely to me that such a sustained attack on a Conservative minister of the crown would have been carried out by a single individual. I wonder how many Liberals knew what he was doing and whether he was acting on instructions from above—perhaps even from within the leader’s office.

Favoured Liberal tactic: identify a staffer to be the scapegoat, say he acted alone and toss the poor fellow under the bus. Typical.

© 2012 Russell G. Campbell


  1. After this embarrassment, maybe Boob Rae should resign.

  2. bob rae translation service: we did the same thing as the conservatives in that we fired one staffer for the misconduct in question, but dont you dare think for one second this is worse than what the conservatives did (even though were pretty sure our side did that same thing during the election).........LOOK AT THE SQUIRREL!!!!


  3. With Trudeau cheering him wonder he got caught..Their all losers and will go on losing as long as they keep this scandal a day scam going.

  4. Didn't Bob Rae say just recently that "This stuff doesn’t happen unless the boss lets it happen"

  5. Stockwell Day said the staffer didn't do it on his own. He said on P&P that an investigation from the" speakers office" had it on the radar. The CBC are framing this as Bob Rae a hero for coming forth with an apolgy. Half truths from the usual media.

  6. Maybe we should be looking into defeated liberals, ones who lost their seat in May, or the previous elections. That is a lot of ex MPs. And it is reported that this Adam Caroll is the one who accompanied Joe Volpe during the campaign and was caught on tape taking Green literature from mailboxes. I think EC punished him. He has a history of dirty tricks. And if Rae can say there is no way PMSH didn't know this or that, then we have to assume that Rae knew all about vicileaks from the start.

  7. nonsense post does not change that Harper is a thug with a book of dirty tricks and broken campaign promises.

    Harper needs to be defeated and thrown from office he is a shameful disgrace.

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