Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Is Justin Trudeau a soft separatist?

The son of one of our staunchest federalist prime ministers, Justin Trudeau,  told a radio audience in Quebec that under certain circumstances he “would think of wanting to make Quebec a country.” He reportedly said this during an interview on Radio-Canada. So, is this Trudeau a separatist or a separatist sympathiser?

Here’s what the member of parliament for Papineau in Quebec told the French-language CBC interviewer:

“I always say that if, at a given time, I believed that Canada was really the Canada of Stephen Harper, and that we were going against abortion, that we were going against gay marriage, that we were moving backwards in 10,000 different ways, maybe I would think of wanting to make Quebec a country.”

According to today’s National Post, “Rattled by the response his remarks drew, on Tuesday, Mr. Trudeau declared his love for Canada.”

This man is no longer a kid and cannot be excused for such a remark. How would he expect the remark would be interpreted? I’ve no doubt he knew exactly what he was saying and meant every word. Apparently, if he can’t convince enough Canadians to reject Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s conservative policies, Trudeau will reject Canada.

Last year, while in the the House of Commons, he called Peter Kent a “piece of shit.” Before that, he criticized the Tories for labelling honour killings “barbaric.” On both occasions he seemed to have second thoughts and retracted and/or apologised for his unfortunate comments. It seems to me, though, Justin Trudeau’s political judgement fails him far too often.

Is this boy-man really ready for prime time?

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  1. He is in prime time.

    Only a few of the idiots at Liblogs are coming to his defence. Most are wisely silent.

    I wonder if he'd even be a Cab Min in any future Lib. Gov't (there may not even be another one anyways).

    His legacy is in stone now. He is an embarrassment.

  2. None of the speculation about what his political leanings mean amount to a tinkers damn. All this young man displays is an individual who has never grown up.
    His name gives him recognition, but his mouth and immature thoughts brings him laughter. Quite embarrassing for his friends and family really.

  3. He's not a separatist. He just doesn't agree with the direction Harper is taking. This majority government gives Harper a free card to do what he wants regardless of Canadian opinion. What a coincidence nobody in his party is opposing the long gun registry. It's not fair, it's playing games with a country.

    To be honest, if all that Harper wants moves forward because of this majority government and Quebec separates, I'll will consider going there.

    1. Why wait. Go now.

    2. So you think it's ok that that our leader moves forward with his own ideas regardless if it represents canadian views?

      Personally I think whether you are liberal or conservative you should listen to your people and should always face a bit of opposition. It's the only way to keep a democracy. If not we end with a dictator. Look at so many places in the world.

    3. There is no desire to go back to the days of jackboot tribalism and autocratic soft totalitarianism as it was in the dark days of Pierre Trudeau and his fake "Liberals". In fact PM Harper is doing the opposite of what you suggest. Getting rid of the wasteful, useless against crime "Long Gun Registry" was part of the Conservative campaign promises, and low and behold, they are implementing exactly what they were elected to do. As for Trudope Jr. he is simply attempting to play the same game his Father played... the myth of tribal Quebec separating... In other words do exactly what I say, or else french speaking Quebecers will separate. It's an old tribal game perpetrated by warped radicals like Pierre Trudope. Unfortunately for Trudope Jr. that game has been played out, and Canadians are no longer willing to be forced or blackmailed into destroying and distorting their country's history and traditions and well being in order to pacify the tribal revolutionaries of Quebec. If Trudope Jr. wants to join up with other tribal separatists because he doesn't like the political party Canadians elected, then by all means, do us all a favour and go!

  4. and so ............. the good people of Papineau are also "socialist or seperatist " ?
    perhaps the aging spoiled brat (along with Bob Rae) needs a lesson in what a parliamentarian actually is and represents