Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Former Tory staffer: “I had no involvement in the fraudulent phone calls…”

The former Conservative party staffer, Michael Sona, who resigned last week from his position in the office of Conservative MP Eve Adams, said he did so only because the controversy prevented him from doing his job.

After a week of not talking to the press, Mr. Sona is reportedly denying any involvement in the automated phone calls—so-called robo-calls—that directed voters in Guelph, Ontario to the wrong polling station during last year’s federal election.

Mr. Sona was the director of communications to Tory candidate Marty Burke during the election campaign.

Guelph seems to have become the epicenter of the robo-call scandal. So far, while there have been reports of strange or bothersome calls, live and automated, from across the country, only in Guelph does there seem to have been activities that could prove to be criminal in nature. [Source

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  1. the official Conservative position is that he is lying

  2. Harper should call a by election there to satisfy the Libs, and yes I know they won it.