Friday, February 3, 2012

Canadian governments are purveyors of booze, gambling and, now, pornography?

Things, it seems, are never so weird they can’t get weirder. By that I mean we live in a country in which various governments are not satisfied with their virtual monopoly on selling booze and providing gambling, but have now ventured into the sex trade by providing pornography on the Internet.

It really is a sad state of affairs.

I’m referring, of course, to the recent spat between Sun News and the CBC over the soft-porn Internet show, Hard. I suppose there will always be a demographic who wants this sort of “entertainment” and have every right to seek it out so long as nobody is hurt in the process of making the shows. Why it has to be served up by a state-funded broadcaster, however, is beyond me. I for one am ashamed that my tax money is used in this sordid manner.

I thought the CBC-Radio Canada were champions of women’s rights. Well, apparently not. Most Canadians understand that porn demeans women since it reduces them to mere objects of lust. But the CBC seems to know better and promotes the stuff.

The sooner the federal government de-funds the CBC the better.

© 2012 Russell G. Campbell


  1. Good 'ole CBC - can't get any eyes on their primetime offerings - now has to troll for viewers in the afterhours with this garbage. If you want porn, pay for it on an XXX-rated channel. Is this what a billion dollars a year pays for - uber cool European trash??? Time to engage the toilet and let them circle the drain. For good measure, double flush this group of urban elites and wash them out to the Arctic Ocean. My apologies to the polar bears and whales. cheers

  2. Sun Media sells the most pornon Quebec. Porn is legal. Who cares.

  3. can you imagine the faux-outrage from the left wing media if sun news produced this show? oh wait i seem to remember some news media sources questioning the sunshine girl segment in sun papers which in the realm of questioable material is pretty benign.