Wednesday, February 29, 2012

B.C. Liberals: politics makes strange bedfellows

The BC Blue blog links us to a story about how a convicted would-be murderer, Jaspal Singh Atwal, got a ticket to the BC Liberal’s budget speech. “Atwal and three others were convicted of attempted murder for their failed attempt to kill the Indian government cabinet minister …,” according to The Canadian Press.

This is another reminder of how unsavoury characters attach themselves to political parties of all stripes and sully reputations of all who associate with them.

It is also a cautionary tale for those who overreach in pandering to communities, which bring to Canada animosities developed in their original homelands.

© 2012 Russell G. Campbell


  1. No, it's a reminder that Christy Clark, like her predecessor, is a corrupt politician who will do a deal with anyone who can get her into power and keep her there.

  2. What would you say if this same Mr. Atwal was hobnobbing around Vancouver during the 2010 federal election.....with Michael Ignatieff?

    Someones found the photos. Maybe much more.

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