Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Won’t Turkey’s friendship with Hamas affect its NATO status?

The new cosiness between Turkey and the Hamas terrorist group should be setting-off alarm bells in the capitals of NATO members. According to the Washington Post, Hamas is developing new relations with Turkey, including receipt of financial support in the order of $300-million and the opening of an official Hamas office in Turkey.

How can we square this cosiness with the fact that virtually all—European Union, the United States and Canada—of Turkey’s fellow NATO members have designated Hamas as a terrorist organization? NATO would be a strange alliance indeed if one member embraces a group thought to be terrorists by its fellow alliance members.

If Turkey were attacked, Canada and its other NATO allies would be obligated by treaty to go to its defence. Now let’s assume Hamas would do the same to help its latest financial backer. We would then have the ludicrous situation of Canada and Hamas being allied in an armed conflict. The very thought makes me want to up-chuck.

Time will tell whether Turkey replacing Iran as Hamas’ primary international sponsor will serve to moderate the terrorists, or whether the terrorists will radicalize Turkey’s international relations.

Once Turkey lost out in its bid to join the EU, it has charted a course that leads it into dangerous waters. It has already had a run-in with one of Canada’s allies, Israel, over that nation’s blockade of Gaza. What’s next?

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