Monday, January 16, 2012

Video: Rae’s back!


Beware the second coming!

He’ll do to Canada what he did to Ontario.


Thanks to the National Citizen’s Coalition for this video.


  1. It's a different party, people... NDP is mandated to spend more then the nation can afford!!! Liberals are mandated only to spend what is necessary to protect the rights of everyone (including minorities)!

    Besides, there is no confirmation that Rae will be the Liberal leader come the 2015 election, he is currently only the interm leader!!!

  2. This is true....and my friend's wife is sort of pregnanat....

  3. ''It's a different party, people...''

    Negotiations were finalized, signed and sealed, for the NDP and LPC to run the government under ONE leader,
    for the 2008 coalition of losers.

    And the party platforms for the NDP and LPC for the 2011 election were so close,
    they had the appearance of being negotiated, which is why an emminent coalition, should Harper win only a minority, was so believable.