Thursday, January 26, 2012

Straight goods on green energy

Lorrie Goldstein tells us, “If Canada’s ‘green’ media—especially in the Parliamentary Press Gallery—demanded the same standards of accountability of themselves as they do of politicians, they would be killing entire forests right now apologizing to Prime Minister Stephen Harper.”

PM Harper, of course, didn’t jump onto the “green energy bandwagon” when large numbers of the media, especially among progressives, told him he should.

And he looks pretty good for not having done so, for, as Goldstein tells us, “Today, so-called ‘green’ energy is in retreat all over the developed world.”

This is a terrific article well worth the read.

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  1. PM Harper is a leader,not a follower like the MSM who write each others columns or so it seems,since they all spew the same message,WE HATE HARPER..And they think Canadians are so stupid that we buy this kind of drivel.They are so desperate that 2 polls out today say RAE & the Liberals are gaining ground & the Conservatives are out of majority territory.Why are there polls when an election will only take place 4 years from now.I think that in most countries the MSM would be rounded up and jailed for their 6 year hate fest that they have going for PM Harper.If you are politically correct on any minority,you could be sued or fined.BUT they can continually lie and twist actions and words by our countries leader and get away with it????...Again PM Harper is so much more of a man for not responding to these jealous uneducated so called PRESS..LOL gotta laugh at the word press,we just don,t have one in Canada.BUT thank god we have a few good reporters left.