Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Some failed politicians never seem to fade away or shut up

Picture of MARTIN, The Right Hon. Paul Edgar Philippe, P.C., C.C., Hon. B.A., LL.B. — © House of Commons 2006Iwish failed politicians would fade away or, at the least—when they have nothing good to say—shut up about public policy. Former prime minister Paul Martin is a case in point.

Canadians repudiated his policies to the point where he left politics in 2006. But the old bore continues to snipe away from the sidelines.

Martin was a very able finance minister, but an abject failure as a political party leader and as a prime minister.

During elections he became a strident demagogue and truth-shaper. And now Martin attacks the current prime minister who has already proven to be twice the prime minister and political party leader Martin ever was. Whereas Martin’s record can be characterized as, promise much; do little, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has complied a solid political record of accomplishment.

Instead of Martin offering to work with the present prime minister, he chose to refight old battles, and attacked PM Harper on the First Nations conference. The former prime minister has done some good work on the First Nations issue, and, had he been a Canada-first sort of guy instead of an old fashioned, party-first partisan, he could have made a solid contribution to this file.

I agree with Keith Beardsley who said, “First Nations issues should cross party lines, solutions not scoring political points should be the end game.” It is too bad Martin isn’t man enough to be able to put aside party politics for the sake of Canada.

© 2012 Russell G. Campbell



  1. By registering his shipping line outside Canada why would anyone think he would put either Canada or his party first. He is all about Martin.

  2. And Martin is on Evan's show dissing Davos and what PMSH should do and say.
    Another hasbeen who should be ignored is Mark Holland. If he was so smart why was he defeated.

  3. Stockwell Day too. He should enjoy his big porker pensions (thevAlberya MLA one and MP one).