Friday, January 6, 2012

Sheila Copps opens her eyes… finally

The former politician Sheila Copps is running to be president of the Liberal party. Copps was in provincial and federal politics for more than two decades yet seemed not to notice or, at least, do much about the many faults she now finds with the Liberal party.

In today’s National Post, Copps tells us, “It is time to give the Liberal party back to its members and, most importantly, to all ordinary Canadians who share the principles and values that have made this country great.”

She also wrote, “This old-style back-room management has meant top-down controlled nomination meetings and top-down controlled party elections—decided before they are held.”

Odd, isn’t it, that while she served as a Liberal member of parliament for all those years, Copps didn’t seem to worry much about her party’s “old-style back-room management” or the “top-down controlled nomination meetings and top-down controlled party elections” it held?

I do remember her complaining that former Liberal prime minister Paul Martin was trying to drive her and other Martin opponents out of the Liberal caucus. And she did once suggest she could campaign for the New Democratic Party in the then upcoming 2004 election should her Liberal rival Tony Valeri win the nomination for her riding of Hamilton East-Stoney Creek. (A threat she later retracted.)

For the most part, however, she seemed very much part of the Liberal party faithful and inner circle, even serving as Deputy Prime Minister in the 1990s.

To use her words, “We all now have the benefit of clarity that comes after a bitter defeat.” Too bad she had not the benefit of such “clarity” while she drove about in her minister’s chauffeur-driven Limousine for all those years. Back then, she told us poor voting shnooks how wonderful the Liberal party was.

Little did we know her “beloved party” had “become a party layered with bureaucracy, resistant to change, at odds with … party members.” Or that it was “out of touch with Canadians.”

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  1. Sheila Copps is exactly the WRONG person for the job of renewing the LPC.

    She was willfully blind to all the corruption of the government in her era,and she certainly won't attract young people to the LPC. Liberals had better consider Copps' candidacy with a good deal of skepticism.

    Why in hell is Sheila interested in this, is her ego so big she actually thinks she has something to offer?

    Sheila is a throwback to the days of the most corrupt government ever to hold Office in this Country,and will only attract like-minded people to the LPC,advocates of more cronyism.

    This is bad for Canada as well as the LPC,as if the Liberals don't get their act together,we have have to contemplate the awful reality of a Federal NDP government one day.

  2. Well look how the media, pundits and various commentators are trying to decide the Republican nomination race in the US? No new news here. (real conservative)