Saturday, January 7, 2012

Romney leading in New Hampshire, followed by Paul and Huntsman

Likely GOP voters in New Hampshire are favouring Mitt Romney for the GOP Presidential nomination at 37%, followed by Ron Paul at 19% and Jon Huntsman at 16%. Rick Santorum fell to fourth with 14% and Newt Gingrich is polling at only 9%. This according to new polls released by, a project of the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity.

Rick Perry, of course, has taken a pass on New Hampshire so we won’t hear much from him until the candidates move on to South Carolina for its primary on January 21.

I expect Jon Huntsman to do better in New Hampshire on January 10 than this poll suggests—say, second place behind Romney with 20-22% of the vote. And I expect a poor showing from Rick Santorum whose messages seem not able to resonate with New Hampshire voters nearly as well at they did in Iowa.

Santorum seems far too interested in turning the nation into a theocracy, official or de facto. The United States is swimming in government debt and under-employment, and is bogged down in a decade-long war which it seems unlikely to win, and he appears more interested in making sure abortion is outlawed and gays can’t marry. In voters minds, the economy will trump social issues.

I can’t see the former senator taking the lead from Romney or even placing second. I look for Santorum to finish fourth behind Ron Paul, who I expect to hold down third place.

As to Gingrich, he seems to be in the race now solely to hurt Romney’s chances, and he will not likely do much in New Hampshire other than splitting-off some of Santorum’s support.

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  1. actually I just saw a poll got rick santorum in second and newt gingrich 4th but in south carolina and the over all poll got newt gingirch in second shows he is verry stron in southern states.
    I really can't understand how people can't look at newtgigrich the guy is a walking encyclopidia
    and has bold ideas but knows how to work with others

  2. Roy, Newt's a big-ideas man with a substantial intellect--maybe the brightest of the GOP contenders--too much baggage, though and prone to lapses in judgement. Too bad, eh?