Thursday, January 26, 2012

Nice to see the UK actively cheering on Canada

The British Prime Minister David Cameron told delegates at the World Economic Forum that free trade pacts are key, and that quick completion of a EU trade deal with Canada will help Europe regain some of its competitive edge and help stem its financial crisis.

His UK counterpart’s speech will resonate well with our Prime Minister Stephen Harper who is focused on the domestic economy and looking to preserve Canada’s well-earned economic stability. “… we’re continually looking at ways that we can improve our performance and create jobs for Canadians,” he reportedly told a small group of businessmen this morning.

Elimination of the deficit remains a priority for PM Harper’s upcoming budget in which we can expect to see wide-ranging cuts in government spending. To offset potential negative consequences of the expected cuts, government and Canadian business officials are seeking other ways to encourage domestic growth.

And PM Harper’s approach seems to centre on opening international doors with free-trade deals with as many countries as possible.

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