Saturday, January 14, 2012

National Post’s Coyne sets the record straight

Andrew Coyne at the National Post has a terrific column in this morning’s paper, in which he sums up the “phony crisis” the media has created over the legality of some or all same-sex marriages performed in Canada. This is the best I’ve read on the subject.

Coyne writes:

“This week’s media meltdown over same-sex marriage for foreign tourists was one of the more disgraceful episodes in the long history of phoney controversies in this country: a toxic mix of shrewd lawyering, shoddy reporting and partisan opportunism, all without the slightest reference to the relevant, and easily obtainable, facts.”

He points out that the notion that the marriage laws of the jurisdiction in which the participants live is very pertinent to the validity of marriages performed in Canada. For this he uses an authoritative legal source, basing his article on a 2006 piece by Jeffrey Talpis, professor of law at the University of Montreal. That is to say, “the government lawyer was right on this point.”

No, folks, the Stephen Harper government was not engaged in skulduggery as claimed or implied by so many progressives in the media, led on by the Globe and Mail and the CBC.

You can read Coyne’s piece, here.

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  1. Finally someone in the MSM had the honesty and courage to write the truth. It was a non issue from the start for Canadians, other than the MSM and the chattering class along with some radicals from the gay lobby, and it was right up there with the phoney crisis of making the long census form voluntary.

  2. The Toronto and Ottawa based media have one agenda, and one agenda only, and that is to attack the Conservatives whether by smear, innuendo, or outright lying. They don't care which method they use and they don't care whether they now do it openly.