Monday, January 23, 2012

Mitt Romney’s ratcheting up the heat on Newt Gingrich

By all reports former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is turning up the heat on former House speaker Newt Gingrich. Romney suggested Gingrich will lose the election, saying he’s not only “erratic,” but “a pinball machine” who will bring “an October surprise a day” and decimate the Republican Party as he does.

According to Romney, Gingrich didn’t just have questionable ties to companies like Freddie Mac, he engaged in “wrongful activity.”

As both candidates try mightily to discredit each other’s claim on the GOP nomination, and ruin their already sullied political and business reputations, observers are left to wonder if enough will remain of either man’s worthiness to serve in the highest office in the land by the time the Republican National Convention at Tampa rolls around.

Thinking ahead to this summer’s Convention, I wonder: will either candidate have enough going for them that is not in tatters to attract respect and enthusiasm of the sort necessary to launch a credible presidential campaign?

Sure, most Republicans will claim that either man will be an improvement over President Barak Obama—and I can’t say I disagree with that assessment—but, as the mud-slinging continues between the candidates, that claim will begin to sound rather hollow and resonate only with committed Republicans, leaving independents and undecided Republicans open to President Obama’s rhetorical charm.

So, do GOP insiders organize stalling tactics to delay the process and allow some fresh talent to enter the race. Will we see, for example, favourite-sons popping up to contest individual primaries to syphon off enough delegate to cause an open convention.

I gather there hasn’t been an open or “brokered” convention since 1976. Back then, President Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan went to Kansas City without either candidate holding a majority of the delegates.

This time around, there exist several former and current governors able to lead a conservative agenda against the president; perhaps one will emerge in Tampa.

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  1. Not being American I recognise I have no say in the matter, but neither of these two would have been my choice. However of the two I'll take Gingrich over Romney any day.

  2. Me too, Alain.

    Is Mitt Romney deliberately trying to destroy the GOP from within? Gingrich is fighting back. I suppose he feels he has to. However, it would be far more sensible for them both to attack B. H Obama's appalling record and idiotic ideas, and leave each other alone. Mitt is miffed. It was his turn!