Thursday, January 26, 2012

Michele Bachmann to seek 4th term

The former GOP nomination candidate, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, announced on Wednesday that she will be seek a fourth term in Congress. “I’m looking forward to coming back and bringing a strong, powerful voice to Washington, D.C.,” Bachmann told the Associated Press.

Bachmann jumped to the head of the queue of Republican presidential nomination candidates after winning the Ames (Iowa) straw poll in August 2011. She finished a disappointing sixth, however, in the more recent Iowa Republican caucus and abandoned her presidential bid.

So far, apparently, no one from either party has declared an intention to oppose her. Minnesota Democrats have said they will wait for a court to finalize their state’s redistricting process before deciding on a challenger for Bachmann’s seat.

The redistricting process that will be unpredictable, however, and she may still face challenges from those Minnesota Republicans who have complained that the congresswoman abandoned her district in order to pursue an Iowa-focused presidential bid, often reminding voters that she is a “Hawkeye State” native.

Bachmann’s announcement must have surprised those Republicans referred to in this quote from Politico:

Some Republican officials question whether Bachmann would want to return to the House after firmly establishing herself as a national figure who, for a time, sat atop the GOP presidential field. Bachmann could decide to pursue book deals and TV offers that will inevitably pay far more than her annual House salary, they contend. Making a return to Congress even less desirable for Bachmann is the reality that she has no place in the House leadership.

Well, she fooled them, and I say good for her for continuing to serve. Sarah Palin, by contrast, quit her post as governor of Alaska without completing her first and only term. But then Palin is no Michele Bachmann.

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