Monday, January 16, 2012

LPC: A party in search of an identity

The Liberal Party of Canada seems to be a party in search of an identity. Ordinarily, one expects those with specific identities and sets of ideas to form a party to implement or otherwise further their ideas, much as anyone with a problem might search for a solution.

The LPC is, however, like a solution looking for a problem—a readymade political party, with all the trappings, shopping in the marketplace of ideas, hoping to pick up something, preferably at a discount, that fits their leadership’s view of what will appeal to enough voters to regain top spot.

Some Liberals want to hug the centre much like the old Progressive Conservatives. You know, liberal on social issues; conservative on fiscal ones. To do so, however, they’d have to elbow the Conservatives in the ribs to get them to move over a bit and make more room in the centre.

Other Liberals want to be social democrats, and occupy the position where high taxes and big government are the answers to everything.

Still others just want power, and it really doesn’t matter to them what ideology they adopt to get it. This is the old guard who seem to have taken charge of the party once again.

These are neither progressives nor conservatives, but political Chameleons, opportunists looking for a way back.

© 2012 Russell G. Campbell


  1. I thought this article about the new Liberal Party President shows how much the old trough politics works and has not changed:

    Mike Crawley's Business Record Proves He's No Man of the People

    Funny, the article came from a Liberal Party Riding President

  2. I'll go with option number three.

    I don't think they are looking for an identity, I think their identity is the same old values-less power hungry corrupt identity it has been throughout my lifetime, and they are pretty comfortable with it. What they are looking for is a mask that will make them look acceptable to enough voters to get them back into power.