Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Keystone XL oil pipeline dead?

The U.S. State Department will apparently deny a permit for the construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline across the U.S.-Canada border. According to The Huffington Post, “a source who had been briefed on the matter confirmed on Wednesday.”

The news follows White House Press Secretary Jay Carney’s announcement on Tuesday that President Barack Obama cannot approve the pipeline by the Feb. 21 deadline imposed by Congress.

It probably is no coincidence that  this news also comes after House and Senate lawmakers made clear their intention to introduce legislation calling for approval of the pipeline, even if the Obama administration rejects it. According to The Huffington Post:

“That bill, drafted by Sen. John Hoeven (R-N.D.), would have shut the White House out of the Keystone decision-making process, leaving Congress with full authority to approve the pipeline, which would stretch an estimated 1,700 miles from tar sands in Canada to oil refineries along the Gulf Coast.”

Looks like the pit is all set up for a real old-fashioned dogfight, and we can expect political fur to fly and some political bloodletting before this is over.

Personally, I no longer care if the Keystone XL oil pipeline is approved: given the worldwide demand for petroleum products, Canadian bitumen will get sold one way or another.

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    Although president Obama must at least be intelligent enough to recognize that unemployed US citizens can't wait until after the election for tens of thousands of jobs, he is accepting the recommendation of his far-left, affirmative action secretary of state and is sacrificing tens of thousands of jobs for one; his own.
    The decision to forfeit jobs for unemployed Americans has been expedited to induce election contributions, support from the environmental fascist, and assistance from extremist who will
    work for his campaign.

    Barrack Hussein Obama must be convinced that buying oil from a democratic country that recognizes human rights, has similar values to most Americans, and historically before Obama has frequently been called the US's “best friend”, is superior than buying oil from Islamic fascists who fail to recognize human rights, democratic governance, or hold values that are recognized by people with morals.

    The potential big winner here is China, although Iran and the other Islamic fascist countries that export oil also win as does communist Venezuela; well done Barrack Hussein Obama.


  2. I do not understand the Conservative rush to export raw bitumen. The refinery jobs are in the thousands. We should process bitumen in Canada. Premier Stelmach used to say that shipping bitumen was like selling topsoil. This is terrible policy and we give up so much in jobs. I'm glad Keystone was killed. Let's process the bitumen here in Canada!

  3. No wonder that Senate wants to shut the White House out from this decision-making process, because they realize that this oil from tar sands can come in vast quantities from a country just above their border but Mr. Obama with his eco-friendly election campaign thinks, that they do not have to be dependable on Canada's dirty oil and he would rather import "clean" oil from far overseas.

    1. "Canada's dirty oil"? Really, Stan, what's "dirty" about it? There's nothing dirty about CO2, if that's what concerns you.