Friday, January 13, 2012

I guess I’ll never be a member of the 416 sophisticates

Membership as a 416 sophisticate has never been a goal of mine. As such, I can’t really relate to Bob Rae’s admission that he showed contempt for our laws by smoking marijuana. I prefer to remain an abstainer and obey the law of the land.

“I don’t think anybody of my generation could be regarded as an abstainer,” Rae reportedly told 680News. Well, I along with millions of law-abiding Canadians did abstain, Mr. Rae.

And, yes, we were of your generation, more or less. We were not of the intelligentsia, though, we were just plain folks. We studied hard, worked hard, played some, and along the way we married and raised families. And we didn’t find it necessary or clever to flaunt the law and get high. We left that to those special folks who felt entitled to do as they pleased.

Why do NDP leaders believe they are above the law? Bob Rae has admitted that he smoked pot; the late Jack Layton apparently used a whorehouse—at least, he was found naked in one by the police, with virtually no coverage by the Toronto press, by the way.

These transgressions might not have come while either man was a party leader, but I believe it says volumes about their characters and their idea of moral behaviour. And it probably would be indicative of how they would have run our country, had they been given the chance.

Laws, I guess, are for lesser Canadians: the vast majority of us who believe one has an obligation to be law-abiding.

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  1. Lefties always think they're above the law. It's in their genes. They all have a congenital penchant for committing crimes, becoming violent, etc. This is why they're so against tough-on-crime laws, because they know that those laws will hit them sooner or later.

  2. Oh, come on now, Russ. You are better than this post.

    Are you seriously trying to claim that smoking pot is reserved for "intelligensia", Torontonians and the elite?????

    It is pretty clearly the opposite. The more money and wealth and urban you are, the less you smoke generally and the less you smoke pot.

    Sorry, but that is just the case.

    Have to say, and with the respect I hope you know I have for you, I am really sick of this line of attack from conserservatives. Anything THEY don't like, THEY deem to be part of the elite. Facts don't matter. Applicability of the term doesn't matter. Developing a reasoned and intelligent argument doesn't matter.

    It's just kind of a knee jerk reaction. I don't like it so it must be elitist. Or more importantly in this world of spin, called elitist.

    And that, is a truly elistist way to make your point!

  3. 0maybe he did a Clinton and didn't inhale. Another lefty you notice.

  4. Ted,

    I don't think I claimed smoking pot is "reserved" for the intelligentsia. And I didn't mean to imply it either.

    After living and/or working in and around Toronto for decades and listening/reading/viewing Toronto media, however, I have concluded there is a group there the members of which see themselves as special people who know best and who believe certain laws really don't apply to them. They are well off and well educated and can often be found in academia and at toney restaurants and coffee shops--usually drinking latte. Most, though not all, are progressives. Bob Rae is a member of this group.

    Your words: "Anything THEY [conservatives] don't like, THEY deem to be part of the elite."

    Not me, Ted. I am aware that most progressives are not members of the elite; most are ordinary Canadians like me. Some, even, are rascals, charlatans and worse. And many of the latter groups seem to have chosen politics as a profession. [grin]

    To make a point I will sometimes (mischievously) use "elitist" to describe certain types of individuals, and, yes, it is a bit of spin. But I try to be careful not to over use the term--after all, poetic license only goes so far.

    Far more egregious, I find, is the predilection on the part of progressives to blacken Prime Minister Harper's name in any and every way they can, even in references that are completely gratuitous in the context into which such references are introduced.