Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dutch democracy in action?

Is this what so many decent, brave young Western women and men risked life and limb for in places like Iraq and Afghanistan? Some died so Muslims could live free, and then this? Irshad Manji was in Amsterdam to promote her book, Allah, Liberty and Love, when 22 Muslim extremists stormed her book launch, ordering her execution and threatening to break her neck. See video below:



Police arrested two men and found a third with a loaded machine gun at home.

These troglodytes are, apparently, members of “Sharia4Belgium,” an international network with cells in many Western European countries.

While so many of us in the West bend over backwards to avoid even the appearance of bigotry, others among us flaunt their hatred, intolerance and contempt for our modern culture of fairness, open-mindedness and tolerance. These Muslim extremists are poisoning the rich open cultures of Europe. Is it only a matter of time before their intellectually bankrupt, medieval creed makes it to our shores?

Some insist it’s already here, with only the lack of sufficient numbers stopping it from reaching the clear and present danger it represents to Western Culture in Europe.

Let’s pray our immigration authorities wake up before it is too late.

Except video, © 2012 Russell G. Campbell

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  1. Apparently the police wanted to shut down the meeting, but the Dutch in attendance refused to leave.