Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dirty tricks: NDP stock in trade

Those who see the New Democrats as squeaky clean should read Elizabeth Thompson’s piece at iPolitics, NDP behind dirty tricks campaign in Lise St-Denis’ riding. According to Ms. Thompson, NDP spokeswoman Sally Housser confirmed this in a telephone conversation.

I’m not surprised. Dirty tricks are the stock in trade of the Dippers. Remember when in Oct. 2009 the NDP snuck environmental activists into the House of Commons so they could hold a noisy demonstration in the visitors gallery, against House rules of course. (You can refresh your memory here.)

The New Democrats lied—first defence of blaggards—about not being responsible, but Conservative House Leader Jay Hill officially complained that before the demonstrators came into the Commons, they were organizing and rehearsing chants in a room that had been booked for them in Parliament by the New Democrats. And one protester was listed as political events coordinator for NDP MP Paul Dewar’s riding, Ottawa Centre.


According to the iPolitics report:

“The New Democratic Party was behind a mysterious robocall [sic] campaign that deluged Quebec MP Lise St-Denis’ offices last week with phone calls from constituents upset with her jump from the NDP to the Liberals, iPolitics has learned.”

NDP spokeswoman Sally Housser reportedly said the script used in the calls didn’t say the calls were being made on behalf of the NDP, and that the tactic is one that the party has used in the past.

The “robocall” campaign caused hundreds of calls to tie up phone lines at Lise St-Denis’ offices on Wednesday and Thursday. One may not approve of Ms. St-Denis’ decision to cross the floor from NDP to Liberal, but surely this is a deceitful and underhanded manner in which to express such disapproval.

As I said, dirty tricks are their stock in trade.

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  1. How much play will this receive in the MSM - those darling NDP - always toxic and never honest in their tactics. If they had any cojones - they would have been proud to announce who they were representing. Stealth and deceipt - standard fare for the left. Cheers.

  2. One thing I dislike about the NDP - aside from their utopic pie-in-the-sky approach to reality, of course - is how boldly they sell their lies to the public. Everyone in politics seems to do this kind of thing, but the NDP are among the worst offenders.

    I can remember when the NDP were the most vocal critics of Canada's participation in the Afghanistan war outside of Parliament. Inside Parliament, however, they always supported the extension of that mission. Unanimously, sometimes.

    Of course, the media rarely ever mentioned that little inconvienient 'fact'.