Friday, January 6, 2012

David Frum closes FrumForum and moves to Daily Beast and Newsweek

The former President George W. Bush speechwriter, conservative journalist and political commentator, David Frum, has announced he’ll fold operations of FrumForum and join the The Daily Beast website and Newsweek magazine, where he’s expected to write a blog and contribute features for the weekly magazine.

Frum wrote in his farewell post:

“Starting Monday, my work will shift to the Daily Beast/Newsweek site. The FrumForum URL will forward readers to the David Frum page at Daily Beast/Newsweek. FrumForum itself will continue to exist as an archive site, preserving three years of debate—the brilliant insights of our writers–and the passionate comments of our readers.”

Personally, I’ll miss FrumForum, a website I visited most days. I’m not sure whether Frum will continue to contribute columns to the National Post—I hope he does. It is encouraging to know that the Republican Party includes conservative voices like Frum’s, which act as a counter balance to the rather strident rhetoric we’ve been hearing from the likes of Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck.

Some conservatives view Frum as somewhat of a traitor to the cause; I see him as voice of reason and wish him well.

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  1. But what would Newsweek, a devoutly progressive publication, want with Frum? Has Newsweek discovered that a national magazine geared towards the Greenwich Village crowd is not a viable enterprize?

  2. Good riddance to Frum. He is a RINO and has no respect from most conservatives. He continues his slide into irrelevance, in the last years canned from the American Enterprise Institute, gone from National Review, created a failure of a website and now down to Daily Beast/Newsweek where the traffic is just a notch above his own website. Do not forget that Newsweek is so relevant it was sold for $1.00. Next up, Daily KOS or HuffingtonPost.