Sunday, January 22, 2012

CTV’s Question Period: Liberals’ proxies at work

Ispend most Sunday mornings watching political talk shows on television: Face the Nation, Meet the Press and The McLaughlin Group from the U.S. and CTV’s Question Period from this side of the border. Of these, CTV’s offering is by far the weakest and least engaging.

The website promotes Question Period as, “… the program is a must-see for political junkies,” as having “two of the strongest political journalists in the country,” and “as the authoritative source for candid discussion and debate about Canadian politics.”

This is pretty well all hype and little truth. What the viewer gets instead of “candid discussion and debate” are biased interviews and progressive-liberal journalists having a congenial chat while bashing the Conservative government, and more especially bashing PM Stephen Harper.

This morning, co-host Kevin Newman led a panel discussion on third-party political ads, centred around the recent National Citizens Coalition’s attack ad “defining” interim Liberal leader Bob Rae. They also briefly covered U.S.-based attack ads run during the GOP nomination campaigns.

Nothing at all was said, though, about the expensive anti-Hudak television attack ad campaign that trade unions ran during Ontario’s fall election. No, Question Period stayed well clear of mentioning any political attack ads run by third-parties supporting progressive parties. They only talked about those attack ads run by conservative groups, as if conservatives were the only ones doing that sort of thing.

It seems to me that once Sun News Network went on air with their right-of-centre-bias, CTV dropped all pretence of balanced journalism and went all-in for their Liberal and NDP friends.

I concede the discussion about the ads is a relatively small point, but I thought it said volumes about the political bias so evident on CTV these days. And that’s really too bad for we could do with a balanced Sunday morning show on our side of the border.

© 2012 Russell G. Campbell


  1. I honestly use to watch Question Period religiously..... but it so clear, their only objective is to bash the Conservative Party and our PM.... I haven't turned it on for weeks. and if more of us would not tune in... they would get the message. By watching their bias crap... it only gives them positive ratings... as much as we all like political shows.....turn those puppies off.....

    1. I now prerecord the show and skim through to make sure I haven't missed anything.

    2. And my guess is you have not missed anything.WHY??is there not more of a boycott on this kind of TV programming.Also more cancellations of newspaper subscriptions I/E Ottawa Citizen.Obviously written complaints go into the garbage and e,mails are deleted faster than they reach the editor.Telephones are not answered half the time and when you do reach someone it is usually someone who knows nothing and the boss is at a meeting.Basically they all know what the hell is going on and they don't give a rats ass about us.Their pockets are deep and the owners give the instructions on what to say and write.I cannot believe that if these reporters were real Canadians that could write this kind of drivel repeatedly for six years ,even when no one is listening to them except the corrupt and already converted.Something to think about eh!

  2. SunshineCoasterGalJanuary 22, 2012 at 3:54 PM

    Except for two attempts to watch QP when Kevin came on board as co-host, I purposely do not turn it on. I also have fully ignored for over six months, CBC´s Power and Politics. I´ll never turn it on again, despite having a close friend who calls to rant on daily about it. Nope I won´t watch it. Or Question Period either.
    What am I missing? Panels consisting of left and lefters. Craig´s flaky take. Gardner´s long chin smarmy smirk when referencing so-called knuckledragging conservatives. It´s disgusting, and not a club I care to join. The Hudak media attacks financed by the Family Coalition Labour groups not being mentioned in QP´s discussion and debates is not at all surprising. Russ it is their norm!

    I too, am a full on political junkie, and I simply refuse to support the one way partisan bashing at every turn. Taber has been finally ´regionalized´to the east coast and very little has changed despite that personell change.

  3. I don't watch anything on CTV.

  4. I also haven't watched the show for months. But what would you expect from their hand-picked panel. Dan Gardner who hasn't said a kind word of the right . . . ever. Reps from the Globe and Mail and The Star . . . see above. The only peope missing on this panel were Bob Rae and whoever is in charge of the NDP. Just fill in the blank.

  5. I agree with your assessment of CTV and Question Period.

  6. The May 2 rout was a rebuke of the #MSM left leaning agenda is out of step what is needed/wanted by voters.

    The poor ratings aside, the bubble or echo chamber they inhabit will continue 2 make them irrelevant to the majority.

  7. It's a tough call... Being a political junkie makes it difficult to not watch what the "progressive", lefty media are currently blathering about. I loathe CTV "news" and "Question Period" is laughably pathetic in their anti Harper, anti Conservative agenda. However, it is also a good thing to see what co-ordinated narrative is currently being spun by the lefty drones. I understand not giving these clowns the ratings, but i also feel it wouldn't make any difference to them if nobody was watching, they'd still be pretending to be journalists and spinning their magical "Liberal" fairy tales, and anti Harper drivel. Like I said... it's a tough call.