Monday, December 19, 2011

Politician of the year: Stephen Harper

PM Stephen Harper

Stephen Harper gets my vote as best politician of the year 2011, despite the success of the late Jack Layton and his New Democrats in Quebec. Stephen Harper has had a terrific record since he became leader of the united “right,” and proved that he can garner enough right-of-centre votes to form a majority with little or no support from Quebec.

Jack Layton seems to be the sentimental favourite of many for politician of the year, but I don’t see it. True, he improved his party’s fortunes in last May’s election, but his best efforts still left the New Democrats short of victory.

Prime Minister Harper’s Conservative Party is decades younger than the NDP, yet has grown from a modest prairie movement in the mid-eighties to the governing party of Canada and has replaced, some believe, the Liberals as Canada’s natural governing party.

Jack Layton’s political record pales by comparison to Stephen Harper’s.

The prime minister has led our country through some of the most trying economic times and nearly a decade of war. He is well into a program of rebuilding our armed forces—Canada now has the finest small army in the world—and under his leadership Canada has assumed a prominent position among mid-size nations. Canada’s relationship with the United States has been better under PM Harper than under any previous prime minister in over half a century—except, of course, for Brian Mulroney.

During 2011, Harper’s government has won an election and initiated a transformative agenda, especially in the areas of international trade, immigration reform, criminal justice and U.S.-Canada relations. Canada’s economic record and international profile far exceeds that of other countries of similar population size: Canada has the 35th largest population, but is ranked 9th in GDP by the CIA World Factbook (10th by the International Monitory Fund and the World Bank). Given the tumultuous and uncertain economic times of the past three years, Prime Minister Harper’s prudent management must be given much of the credit for keeping Canada hitting well above its weight.

Leading up to the May 2 election, here’s what the Globe and Mail—an openly Liberal newspaper—said when it endorsed the Conservative Party:

He [Harper] has built the Conservatives into arguably the only truly national party, and during his five years in office has demonstrated strength of character, resolve and a desire to reform. Canadians take Mr. Harper’s successful stewardship of the economy for granted, which is high praise. He has not been the scary character portrayed by the opposition; with some exceptions, his government has been moderate and pragmatic.

High praise indeed from what amounts to an “opposition” newspaper. By a wide margin, Stephen Harper is Canada’s best politician of 2011.

© 2011 Russell G. Campbell


  1. PM STEPHEN HARPER he gets my vote

  2. Yes,PM Harper certainly gets my vote also.He just ignores the press now as Canadians know after all these years,that what they are writing is a pack of lies/BS take your choice.The rest of the world is laughing at our MSM for being so biased.A country cannot be in such great economic shape,have such a great record military wise and be so admired by the world and be led by a dictator.That is what the Canadian press and all our opposition parties would like the world to think.It just is not happening and won,t happen.What the press and opposition do not understand yet is,you cannot bring down an honest man like PM Harper.Canadians know he is looking after them and wants only good things for this country.He certainly is the best PM I have ever seen in my 70 years.And so it goes he has been the best politician in 2011.


  3. No question Harper is the best. Sometimes it requires someone ought of our country to say so.
    Though I disagree with Melanie Phillips about Libya, where I think it was right for NATO to help the people. Nonetheless, her piece is woprht reading.

  4. Best PM in my 63 years.
    Cheers Bubba

  5. I'm a big Harperite, but Jim Flaherty has been quite magnificent in 2011.

  6. I really think that most of the other parties are so far behind in leadership,that the only way they can gain attention is to attack PM Harper all the time.How the Liberals got a stranglehold on the CBC and most MSM is something for maybe a national parliamentary Enquiry to determine.But,PM Harper has more brains than the CBC and the MSM combined and it shows in the way Canada is prospering in today,s very shaky world.Canadians are well aware of this mans commitment to the well being of Canada and not to the well being of the Party alone.He is my choice for man of the year and news maker of the year.

  7. Bertie, Harper has shown that destroying the reputations of party leaders leads to more votes. It should come as no surprise that other party leaders. Imitate Harper's tactics.

    Harper has bloated the government and run record deficits. Fiscal conservatism is all zi want from the government and sharper has failed.

    I'm no social conservative and Harper has failed on that front too. He's for baby-killing abortion and gay marriage.

    He is not using his majority for any conservative issues.