Monday, December 19, 2011

Imbeciles too can own TV stations

The video that follows is an example of the truly stunning ignorance of what passes as intelligent discourse in the Arab World. In it, an Egyptian presidential candidate, Tawfiq Okasha, describes Michael Coren as a Freemason and Coren’s Sun News TV show as “the leading channel in America” and says Coren’s show “is one of the most famous in America.” Coren, as most readers know, is a Roman Catholic and would unlikely be a Freemason. And clearly the man lacks even a basic level of knowledge about North American geography and international affairs.

As to Okasha’s imbecilic comments about Jews, I’m left without words to fully describe the extent of his idiocy.

Tawfiq Okasha has no excuse for such a display of ignorance and blatant anti-Semitism for he is and educated man and the owner of Al-Faraeen TV. Surely this is a further evidence a cultural war is being waged against us in the West when a prominent citizen of a significant country like Egypt openly displays such bigotry and misinformation.

Watch the video and decide for yourself.

Except video, © 2011 Russell G. Campbell


  1. How can Mr.Okasha be so ill informed concerning Michael Coren? Further he described himself as the "terror of the Jews" in the video at 7:52. I'm sure the cold peace with Israel will last if he gets elected. (Yes I'm being sarcastic)

    It would be a shame for the Egyptian people (after 3 decades of rule)who want reform to democratically elect a new leader who will only take them into conflict.

  2. He says these Americans gave him his PhD. If I was his parents I'd want my money Back! I wonder if Coren is going to ask for a raise now since he is the most popular American host LOL!

  3. I think I can beat that one, as I just read on FrontPage Magazine that a Muslim scholar has just declared that saying Merry Christmas is worse than fornication or killing someone.

  4. Who is Michael Coren?