Thursday, November 17, 2011

Is Canada prepared to go to Israel’s defence should the latter be attacked?

Given heated anti-Israel rhetoric emanating from Iran’s leadership, it may be well to ask whether Canada might sign a mutual agreement that would oblige it to go to Israel’s defence should the latter be attacked? As a strong believer that Israel has a right to exist, I’d welcome such a pact.

“The steps that we’re taking today are in fact bringing our coun­tries closer together, and they are also allowing us to further build on a strong foundation of co-operation that will build tangible results, not just to our two militaries, but to Canada and Israel more broadly.”

– MP Peter MacKay
Defence Minister

A mutual-defence agreement, apparently, is not at all farfetched, for, as reported by the National Post, “Canada and Israel are about to complete a number of defence co-operation agreements that will significantly tighten military bonds between the two countries as tensions grow over Iran’s nuclear ambitions.” And Defence Minister Peter MacKay refused on Wednesday to rule out such an agreement.

Under the Conservative government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Canada has dropped all pretence of neutrality in Arab-Israeli dealings. And, as it’s become clear through positions taken at the United Nations and elsewhere, Canada is an Israeli ally. The Conservative government, in fact, has been criticized here and abroad for its unambiguous pro-Israel policy.

With war between Israel and Iran becoming a real possibility—the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency released a report last week detailing Iran’s alleged efforts to build a nuclear arsenal—Israel’s allies need to take tangible steps to confirm their support of the Middle East’s only Western-style democracy. It’s nice to see Canada front and centre in this regard, as Mr. MacKay seems set to cement the bi-lateral relationship with the mortar of international defence co-operation agreements.

Mr. MacKay and his Israeli counterpart, Ehud Barak, said in Ottawa they expect to complete negotiations by the end of the year.



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  1. PM Harper would definitely secure the support of the HOC if Israel is attacked.
    The question that remains to be answered "What shall we do with our Muslims?"

  2. The same thing Pat Martin diplomatically tweeted on his website!
    Need I say more?

  3. God's warning to nations that dare take up arms against ISRAEL will face His wrath. He and He alone deals with Israel how He goes about dealing with Israel is His own special secret.

    PM Stephen Harper has stood by Israel that is why we are blessed with prosperity.

  4. Jen's comment is right on the money. Just look at our economy and compare it to the U.S. They've come out against Israel and are paying for it, (bankrupt, overspending and on the brink of an economic collapse) A smart move by Prime Minister Harper.

  5. Don't know. Canada's army is hardly in the best shape. I'm not sure we are adding much here. Although I detest (to put it mildly) the Iranian regime. I cannot say that I am a great fan of the gang running Israel right now.

    As for the religious comments above, whatever dude! Escalating the Iran/Israel war of words to a shooting war may be the worse possible outcome.