Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Name-calling as a substitute for open debate?

The phenomenon of using name-calling as a tactic to silence debate is alive and flourishing in this Ontario campaign. Homophobia seems to be the slur of the day: the Grits are slamming the Tories because of “Hudak’s homophobic flyers” (pictured) that the Grits claim falsely accuse Dalton McGuinty of “keeping parents in the dark” about the province’s sex-ed school flyer

According to this CTV report: “The Toronto District School Board has developed a 219-page curriculum resource guide for kindergarten through Grade 12 called ‘Challenging Homophobia and Heterosexism’.”

The report claims the resource guide “recommends schools not advise parents when teachers will be introducing concepts such as gender discrimination and non-traditional families in the classroom.”

About 17 months ago, Dalton McGuinty had to back off from a controversial sex education curriculum planned for our grade schools, because of outrage from parents. At the time, he seemed to be caught by surprise by the new curriculum, and within hours of his education minister defending it in the provincial legislature, he told reporters the sex-ed program was halted.

Curious that in 2010 he wasn’t calling parents who were outraged by the sex-ed plan “homophobic”. Back then, he said:

“…it’s very important that as a government …we listen very carefully to what parents have to say and we take their concerns into account and lend shape to a curriculum that they are comfortable with.”

Apparently, the education ministry did not heed McGuinty’s words for nothing much has changed in the past year as far as the content and tone of proposed sex education is concerned, at least, not in our provincial capital, Toronto. And when the PC party publishes a flyer demonstrating that party stands on the side of parents, the Liberal war room slurs Tim Hudak as being homophobic.

That’s it isn’t it? In the eyes of the progressives, one can never criticize a pro-gay, lesbian, etc., agenda without being homophobic. We must all genuflect before the alter of Gay Pride or risk being accused as having an irrational fear of homosexuality and homosexuals, being labeled a bigot, and suffering other unattractive and insulting consequences.

Dirty tricks dreamed up in the smoky backrooms of the political bosses are nothing new, of course, but they remain as cynical as they always were and have a corrosive effect on our democracy. Playing clean is anathema to any Grit party machine. To expect otherwise is like expecting scorpions to stop stinging—its part of their innate nature.



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  1. It does in fact appear that the final hours of the election call, has come down to the backroom bosses distracting with an issue meant to incense Ontarian parents and grandparents namely over the fact that despite McGuinty assuring the age inappropriate sex ed curriculum would be amended.

    The 'dirty tricks' and they are involve province's children childhood being utterly destroyed even prior to reaching the age of reason, known to be six years of age.

    In this regard, hipster punk rockers, who've barely left the teenage scene themselves mentally, fail to even recognize the importance of "NOT MESSING" with our youth in this regard.

    (See the 'soft porn' literature produced by an Ontario Teacher College discipline head, The Star, today)

    I thought I was reading science fiction.

    This low ball crap is beyond incompetence. Back room bosses sinking to the level of implying there's nothing wrong with the current curriculum, are neither playing with a full deck or even remotely in tune with election essentials whatsoever.

    What's clear is that this present government must be turfed within forty eight hours, or shortly thereafter.

    Thanks for covering this issue in the final hours.

  2. Harper made the negative ad acceptable in this country. Harper destroyed the reputations of dion and Ignatieff. It is total garbage if you think negative ads are only liberal. Harper is the dirtiest and nastiest politician in Canada.

  3. Really Anonymous, think back the liberals negative ads and by the way, Ignatieff words were on the ads unlike the liberals who invented theirs.
    Harper as you put it did not start the negative ads fars less to make it acceptable in canada since it was already here long before he was in government.

  4. Anonymous, what about the nasty ads on Stockwell Day not only from the liberals but from media as well.

  5. Just one question "Has Dalton with his education minister ever bothered to attend any of those sex educational classes with their children. Or for that matter has anyone sent him a video of it.

    Anonymous, oct5, 1:49
    if you think it is truth why don't you put your name to it.

  6. First off, everything in ads re iggy/dion were true. There were videos of said persons from their own mouths.
    Second, the author/teacher has resigned, wonder why.
    And third, when you have lesbian couples giving their 11 yr old son drugs so he can become a woman, things have gone way too far. Wonder if the father knows about this. And I wonder which one is the real mother.