Friday, September 30, 2011

We’re growing again

Houses of Parliament__DSC3336
Canada's Houses of Parliament at Ottawa as seen from the rear | Russ Campbell

Following reports in the mainstream media one can easily get the impression that Canada’s economy is in freefall or, at best, stagnating, and so it’s encouraging to read this morning that, in fact, our economic growth is on target—at least, it was as of this past July.

The Financial Post reports that Statistics Canada said today (Friday) that the Canadian economy grew in July, led by manufacturing and wholesale trade, suggesting a third-quarter bounce-back—after shrinking in the previous three-month period—might be in the offing. Gross domestic product grew 0.3 per cent during the month, following a 0.2 per cent increase in June.

Worrying times ahead, of course, but these reports remind us that we Canadians have much to feel good about.

Optimism is a tonic for the soul; we need more of it in these troubling times.



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  1. You are correct Russ 'a tonic for the soul' to brag about for the moment. Unfortunately to some medias this is 'very disappointing news.'
    Question is Russ "how many canadians who only get one sided media would hear this good news- not many and that's how the media want to keep the public- ignorant.

    The american news media had they receive this small good news' will be heard 24/7.

  2. Well the media has successfully predicted 30 of the last two recessions