Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Tory flag-flying legislation is a good thing

Apparently, Liberal leader Bob Rae doesn’t much care for flags and other symbols of Canada, or, at least, he doesn’t seem to deem them important enough to be discussed in parliament. “Canadians are worried about the economy,” he’s quoted as saying outside the House of Commons, as if this precludes taking action on anything else.

Mr. Rae was referring to flag-flying legislation announced by Tory MP John Carmichael yesterday (Wednesday), which would punish anyone forcing a flag to be taken down with a fine or up to two years in prison.

The bill states:

“It is prohibited for any person to prevent the displaying of the National Flag of Canada, provided that, (a) the flag is displayed in a manner befitting this national symbol; (b) the display is not for an improper purpose or use; and (c) the flag is not subjected to desecration.”

And that’s a good thing!

It is past time for us to elevate our national symbols and kick our national pride up a notch.

I read that certain progressives complained about the flying of Canadian flags at a post-election victory celebration for Toronto’s mayor Rob Ford. Apparently, they did not consider the practice “inclusive.” Well tough on them.

This is a sound legislative initiate and we don’t have to suspend our emphasis on the economy for one second to deal with it and pass it into law.

Mr. Rae is clearly wrong on this one and out of step with the majority of ordinary Canadians, if not with Toronto leftist elites.



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  1. Take that private property rights and freedom of expression! Go go gimmicky legislation!

  2. Yes. Rae should have been clever enough to let it go.

    It may be in part that the Liberal's are sensing their entitlements slipping.

    The world is still turning without major influence from the Lib. party. How can this be?

  3. What do you expect from some pratt, who along with his other commie buddy Dosanjhi, called Canadian troops war criminals?

  4. I have to agree with toxic. The legislation could violates property rights. Harper used to be in favour of property rights. What happened? Maybe this is simply one more example that the Harper government is CINO?

  5. There are more important issues than this gimmicky nonsense.