Friday, September 2, 2011

Global warning: it’s the sun, stupid

The idea that the science is now settled on manmade (anthropogenic) global warming seems further than ever from the truth, what with serious doubts cast on the veracity of reports published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the international scientific panel charged with informing the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) with the latest scientific evidence.

My purpose is not to re-hash the climate-change/global-warming debate here, for readers can refresh for themselves their memories regarding some of the concerns climate change “doubters” harbour by Googling the following:

  • Data for vital “hockey stick graph” has gone missing
  • There has been no global warming since 1995
  • Warming periods have happened before, but not due to manmade changes.

And, I’ll say for the record, I do not doubt that there has been global warming during the decades I’ve lived in Canada. Why else, for example, is Prime Minister Stephen Harper so excited about the new promise of the Canadian Arctic? My concern from the start has been that the phenomenon may not be manmade and that we’ll be bulldozed, if not bamboozled, into wasting trillions of dollars to reverse the trend or even to stop or slow it. It always has made more sense to me that we develop strategies to adapt rather than to mitigate.

Now we seem to have intriguing, if not compelling, evidence that perhaps the science really is being settled, though not at all in the direction in which David Suzuki, Al Gore, the IPCC and other anthropogenic global warming advocates have been leading us. This is very complicated stuff and I do not pretend to understand it all. I do, however, find a recent article in the Financial Post, Science now settled by Lawrence Solomon, executive director of Energy Probe and Urban Renaissance Institute, interesting indeed.

Firstly, the research Mr. Solomon writes about is above reproach having been conducted by CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, and published in the prestigious journal Nature. CERN, readers may remember, is the organization that gave us the World Wide Web, the “face” of the Internet as we know it today. More recently, CERN built the multi-billion dollar Large Hadron Collider (LHC), a particle accelerator used by physicists to study the smallest known particles. The LHC is expected to change our understanding of the Universe.

Apparently, CERN, for the first time ever, has used a high-energy physics accelerator (a cloud chamber) to study atmospheric and climate science. The results of this experiment—known as CLOUD (Cosmics Leaving OUtdoor Droplets)—seem likely to greatly modify scientists’ understanding of clouds and climate as it validates the hypothesis that cosmic rays and the sun hold the key to understanding global warming, or as Lawrence Solomon puts it, CERN has in all likelihood found the Holy Grail of climate science.

Perhaps then we should rethink our response to global-warming and resist the push for government regulations, restrictions, and, of course, the billion-dollar wealth transfers to pay for the whole thing. I ask myself, why when climate change activists list all the changes that will result from temperature increases, they focus exclusively on the negative? Why do they ignore the positive changes we, especially here in Canada, can expect.

As the globe warms, vast regions of Canada will become comfortably habitable and there will be more land available for cultivation. Resources will be easier to extract. Global warming, in fact, has the potential to create the investment opportunity of a lifetime as Canadians spread north from the narrow belt running along our southern border with the United States.

I agree with James S. Robbins who said:

“If the climate historians can tell us anything, it is that climatic conditions have been changing radically since Earth’s creation, and there is no reason to expect that they will ever stop. Forget the idea that man is causing global warming—I think it is terribly ambitious to believe that man can stop it.”

It’s the sun, folks, and the cosmic rays it emits, and there seems precious little we’ll be able to do about it. So, rather than destroying our economy and freezing in the dark when not peddling our bikes to work, let’s learn how we can adapt, as all living creatures on this planet have been doing since life here began.


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  1. It is in a way rather disturbing that many humans have decided that the world climate is now (today) perfect and that any change to it must be prevented.

    To pretend that any and all climate change must be caused by human activity and that any change noticed must and can be fixed by another human action is stupifyingly arrogant.

  2. Accepting the truth would mean an end to this profitable gravy train, which is why politicians and all those with vested interest prefer the lie.

  3. I totally agree with Anon.Case closed. Gerald

  4. Get with the team, bro. Recognizing Climate change is Conservative policy and Harper government policy. Don't criticize Conservative policy.

    Here is the Harper government website:

  5. Thank you for your blog: "Global Warming: it's the sun, stupid". My new book empirically proves that the you are correct in your belief that the CERN Cloud Project does disprove Global Warming.

    This new book is the only rigorous empirical scientific publication that mathematically proves the Global Warming theory is invalid and proves it is the sun, for a century, not GHG that change temperatures. The new CERN study released this August states: “The researchers also found that their mock cosmic rays stimulated nucleation by a factor of 10, suggesting cosmic rays also boost cloud formation.” This result was confirmed in a published May, 2011 Danish experiment with the same results. It is the increase in solar cycles reduced by minor cloud increases fostered by solar sunspots ejecting cosmic rays that has defined the past century of temperature changes.

    Here are the sites for the two experiments:


    Danish: Geophysical Research Letters by Dr. Ulrik Ingerslev Uggerhøj, etal from Aarhus University:

    The processes of temperature change involve simple 5th Grade math to prove it's Solar forces, not CO2. This proof quantifies how Solar energy, its magnetic field changes, and sun spots interact to change the Earth's clouds and reflectivity, or Albedo, as shown below. The total energy from changes in reflectivity and Solar energy changes to 1998 are 11 times greater than the total changes in theoretical GHG forcings available to 2008. But the basics require that you just add four numbers, multiply by a factor, and plot on this temperature chart. Thus, you do not have to be smarter than a 5th grader to understand this truth. A web cast available at provides all the data and calculations for the basics.

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    The proof that GW is invalid is that its theory over forecasts the today's temperatures by 165% or under forecasts by 88%. Thus it is not a valid model when matched to valid temperature records from the Hadley and UAH satellite.

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