Friday, August 26, 2011

The Dippers try to sneak one by the tax man

The late Jack Layton isn’t even in his grave and the New Democratic Party has already got itself into hot water by offering political tax receipts to persons donating money to the Broadbent Institute, a left-wing think tank that Ed Broadbent, a former NDP leader, announced in June 2011.

Apparently, the Dippers are using Mr. Layton’s death to collect funds for their new venture. This from Kady O’Malley:

“Hours after Layton’s death was announced, the party added a page inviting visitors to contribute money to the [Broadbent] Institute—which was announced, amid much fanfare, at the party’s biennial policy convention last June. But as [Glen] McGregor pointed out on Thursday, the Institute itself has yet to be incorporated, which means that technically, no such entity exists to receive the money.”

According to McGregor, at the time the donation page was set up at the NDP web site, it showed a calculation of the effect of a tax credit on any donation made and gave an example: a $100 donation would cost only $25 after the tax credit.

McGregor also notes, “The money donated through the site goes directly to the NDP, though the party promises it will all go to the institute. Donors get tax credits because of the NDP’s status as a political party.

So, folks, this is a “political tax credit,” not something the Broadbent Institute would ever qualify for unless it was an integral part of a political party. At best, the institute might one day qualify to give “charitable donation” tax receipts. The tax credit on charitable donations is much less than those on political donations. Back in June when he announced his new think tank, Mr. Broadbent said the institute would be independent from the NDP party. Hmm, one would never know it.

This bit of chicanery is astonishing for a political party to try to sneak past tax authorities.

Brad Lavigne, former principal secretary to Jack Layton, reportedly said all the money donated will flow through to the Broadbent Institute, and that the New Democratic Party had lawyers look at the arrangement and they determined it is perfectly legal to offer tax deductions for donations to the party and then redirect them to the Broadbent Institute. Legal? Really.

Isn’t it interesting then that the NDP donation page now states: “It is a non-tax-receiptable donation to The Broadbent Institute.” So, was Mr. Lavigne deliberately trying to mislead Canadians when he told us his scheme had the “blessing” of NDP lawyers?

And anyway, what sort of people so politicize their leader’s death that they use it to collect money for a propaganda arm of their party. Have these people no shame?



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  1. Don't know about you, but I'm tempted to send money in Mr Layton's memory to the Manning Centre.

  2. If these people has any shame they would not be making such a circus of Layton's death. Chow should have put a stop to it.

  3. "Have these people no shame?"

  4. And please note, if you don't owe any federal tax you get no deduction, you do not get a rebate.
    If the request for said donations was made in the letter supposedly written by Jack, on Saturday, from his death bed, when did the lawyers deem it to be legal. Lots of unanswered questions, but a scam is a scam is a scam. The ndp could face a 5,000 fine for this attempt to con the people and tax department.

  5. What the heck does a left-leaning lawyer know about income tax? They're more interested in studying Environmental law and Human Rights law to worry about something as mundane as determining whether a political party can collect money on behalf of a charity and give a larger donation credit, or whether a charity is allowed to do anything political (including presumably receiving money from a political party).

  6. But the leftists don't see it that way because they also support hamas and revere Che Guevera who beat up women then raped them and maybe killed them.
    Olivia Chjow has crusaded for Amercianb's to make Refugee claims in canada, she was at a rally on Spadina for a NGO that is tied to Human trafficing from Mexico to the USA and up to the Canada borden as a tourist to get in ,or, make the refugee claim at the border.
    Remember, the Leftists in Hollywood will not condemn Roman Polanski's rape of a 13 year old. If people don't drink the Global-Warming Kool-Ade and worsip Al Gore they are called AGW-Deniers and flat-earth morons.
    But here's one more scam, Peggy Nash is using federal NDP money to aid Cheri DiNovo in her MPP race by not only Peggy's obscene exploitation of Layton's death with a huge Picture in the window on Bloor near Dorval rd. , but Peggy has been sending NDP promo material to my home that is partly a PETA promo for Animal Rights which DiNovo is also crusading for with her Pitbull Rights.

    Oddly though, Peggy's Office is near Dundas and Bloor where many homeless HUMAN'S sleep on the street while "Old MacDonald's" vet Office is steps away.
    The NDP and PETA are obsessed with animals and it has got to be a Mental Illness because when I had an issue with the Government and Social servicies, MPP DiNovo was useless and consumed with the Dog owners Rights . The NDP also ignored my concerns about the Pedophile population at a Club-Fed Halfway house on Keele at Annette when there was a kids park at Keele and Annette.
    So basically, Dogs and Pedophiles are above Humans and Children for their rights .
    Truely a sick and twisted bunch of pro Child-abuse and pro-dog Socialists that now must face the lost of Layton and the fact that the NDP only gained 8 seats once you remove the bogus seats as the protest votes in Quebec.