Friday, July 1, 2011

Sun TV: Caldwell’s out, Coren’s in

Apparently, Sun TV host and author Theo Caldwell has left that network and will be replaced in August with Michael Coren, who’ll move over from the CTS where he hosted The Michael Coren Show for 12 years—and did a great job of it.

I like Caldwell and enjoyed him as a guest on talk shows and as a panelist. I was not at all impressed, however, with his shows on Sun TV—he seemed very preachy, as though he were “instructing” his viewers, rather than “informing” them. He’s a very bright guy, though, and very well informed so I’m sure he’ll do just fine.

Caldwell’s replacement, Michael Coren, is a veteran of the Toronto-area radio and television scene. His nightly show on CTS was a must-watch for those who enjoy discussions on current affairs and politics. Several of the show’s  panelists were light-weight and not particularly insightful or informative, but Coren held the show together and teased out the best he could from his guests, often playing the devil’s advocate to do so.

I’m not sure of the format of Coren’s new show which will air nightly at 7:00 p.m., but his website states:

“The show will stress international coverage - particularly the Middle East, the US and Europe - but also take on social, moral, and religious issues and Canadian life and politics. Some of the best guests from the Michael Coren Show, both left and right and those who agree and disagree with the host, will be joining Michael on Coren Tonight.”

I liked the format of his old show and would like to see it continued, but with stronger panelists.

Good luck to both Coren and Caldwell.



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  1. A smart move by SunTV. I don't doubt the intelligence of Theo, but he always seemed to rub me the wrong way. I listened to Coren for years on my long trek from Toronto to Barrie when he was on CFRB 1010, and I love the guy. Good move.

  2. My husband and I are in our 60s' and believe me we are really ticked that Theo is gone.
    We learned a lot from him and we would set up our pvr just to record him...such energy, so funny.
    Now we don't watch Sun...I guess Sun does not need our generation to keep them alive.

  3. Having watched Michael Coren for years, I too have noticed that many of his guests are rather ""light-weight"". I assume this is deliberately calculated, so that he shines better. But at least he is not as pretentious as Ezra Levant!!

  4. I hate to see Caldwell go, since his was one of my favourite shows on Sun News. I admit he could be a bit irritating at times, especially when he didn't allow enough time for his guests to answer his questions. I do though really like Coren. Personally I would rather see Akin replaced by Coren, as I find Akin weak. An example was when he invited a speaker from the auto workers union and one representing small businesses to discuss the back-to-work legislation, and he allowed the union representative to get away with outrageous comments while not allowing the other side time to respond. Akin is a nice fellow but that doesn't hack it.

  5. I agree with your assessment of Caldwell. He's just too much to endure for an hour. His huge ego is the reason he comes across more like an educator and "preachy" as you say. Referring to Ezra as the "godfather" and some other silly prefaces also turned me off. The biggest issue I have with him is the constant yelling. Krista Erickson with her admiration for him seems to want to emulate him, so she''ll have to be careful or she'll be next. Just a quick word to Micheal Coren. Please don't pick from the bottom of the barrel when choosing your guest panelist's, Syd Ryan in particular. Anyway......should be interesting as SNN fine tunes their programming.

  6. I'd like to see some news coverage during the evening, not just repeats.

  7. Bad move, me thinks. Should have dumped the bleeding heart Liberal David Akin. Akin should go back to CTV/Liberal-vision where he belongs. Coren, is a good guy but is much to "Toronto" and doesn't resonate with "regular Canadians". I hope the network isn't turning into nothing more than a local Toronto Station.

  8. Caldwell was brutal. This is a good decision.

  9. OH NOOOO! This is terrible. Theo is one of the best on sun news. Theo, Ezra and Brian are my faves. What gives????

    Anon in Toronto

  10. Anon 11:02 AM,

    His ratings were low--as few as 2,000 viewers some nights compared to 25,000+ viewers for other shows.

  11. Another real conservative bites the dust. (real conservative)