Saturday, July 30, 2011

Left losing race to find legitimate equivalency between radical Islamists and Christian fundamentalists

Canadian leftists have long awaited a terrorist with a Christian fundamentalist background, especially one who has an affiliation with far-right organizations or publications. They tell us all religions have extremists and seek to show equivalency between radical Islamists and Christian fundamentalist. Until this week, when leftists are pressed to name a single modern-day Christian fundamentalist terrorist, Timothy James McVeigh’s name is usually offered—McVeigh was convicted as the Oklahoma City Bomber.

I’m not sure why McVeigh gets described as a Christian fundamentalist, or even a Christian, though he did seem to be right of centre in his political beliefs. He sought revenge on the U.S. government for what he believed it’s agencies did at Waco and Ruby Ridge. His motivations for the bombing, however, seem to have no basis in his religious beliefs—to the extent he had any at all.

Let’s examine some of those religious beliefs.

As a child, McVeigh, apparently, was raised as a Roman Catholic and attended Mass regularly with his father. Later he was confirmed at the Good Shepherd Roman Catholic Church at Pendleton, New York. That was in 1985. Some eleven years later, McVeigh told Time magazine that he believed in “a God”, but said he had “sort of lost touch with” Catholicism and “… never really picked it up, however I [McVeigh] do maintain core beliefs.” In the 2001 book American Terrorist, McVeigh stated that he did not believe in Hell and that science is his religion. In June, 2001, a day before his execution, McVeigh wrote a letter to the Buffalo News claiming to be an agnostic.

So, with McVeigh not really fitting the mold of Christian fundamentalist, some of our friends on the left are looking to the latest mass murder by a non-Muslim to prove their claims of equivalency and show us it isn’t just some followers of the Muslim religion who slaughter innocents during acts of terror.

In early reports about the Norway massacre, CBC news anchors repeatedly referred to Anders Behring Breivik—Norway’s confessed mass murderer—as a “Christian fundamentalist.” How disappointed the state broadcaster must be that the label isn’t sticking, at least, not with those that think for themselves. The evidence just isn’t there.

So it seems Canadian leftists will just have to wait, and wait and wait to find some other terrorist on whom to pin that label.



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  1. The only way it would be possible to equate the two would be to find churches and pastors preaching death to the infidels and assuring their flock that becoming a suicide bomber gives them an aotomatic pass to heaven. Search as much as they like, they will never find such a church in today's world, whereas there is no shortage of mosques and inmans doing just that.

  2. If the Toronto-18 had stuck to just attacking the CBC building with its marxist/communist/men-hating/femin-nazis , 90% of candians would be outraged by the terrosim....BUT,go easy on them for jail-time because they purged a dangerous cancer off the boils of society.

    Pretty sad when muslims murder other muslims by suicide-bombs and even babaies and teens get killed.
    Are their no Lawyers in Iraq???

  3. While there is no comparison between the violence in these two religions, you can not say he wasn't a Christian Fundamentalist. His 1500 page document explains his desire for Christendom.