Friday, July 29, 2011

Jane McKenna gets Burlington PC nod

Flushed with defeat in the 2010 municipal election, Jane McKenna recently put her name up for nomination as the Progressive Conservative Party’s candidate in the upcoming provincial election. And at Tuesday’s nomination meeting, Ms. McKenna—the only candidate—was acclaimed as the PC candidate for the Burlington riding.

Burlington members of the Liberals and the NDP must be heartened by the PC’s choice, for after several decades of trying unsuccessfully to take the riding from the Tories, those parties now have a real shot to do just that.

How Ms. McKenna ever got the nomination is a mystery to me. It certainly wasn’t her political skill for she placed a poor fifth in the 2010 municipal election when she ran against eventual winner, Rick Craven, and three others. It’s not that I believe a loss to a popular incumbent should disqualify anyone from seeking political office elsewhere. But surely the PCs could have done better than a candidate that could only garner 565 votes for a fifth place finish in the Ward 1 race. The winner of Ward 1, Rick Craven, got 4,575 votes and the other three candidates, Mary Dilly, Scott Dobson and Saulis Zemaitis, received 1,673, 830, 641 votes respectively.

Ms. McKenna is described by as “a longtime Burlington resident,” so one could imagine she has many friends and family members in the city. With their votes in her pocket, she couldn’t have convinced many other residents to support her candidacy for a seat on city council. Surely our local PC Riding Association could have found someone with greater potential.

PC leader Tim Hudak reportedly said in a release, “As part of an Ontario PC government, Jane will make life more affordable for families and make government work for the people who pay the bills.”

Jane will do that? Really? Well, good luck with that.



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  1. Wake up and smell the coffee. Do you smell a rat? Does something smell fishy?

    There was only one candidate formally seeking the Burlington MPP nomination because the PC of Ontario party nomination committee’s selection process is arbitrary and dodgy. For the record, there have been three other candidates (Brad Reaume, Rene Papin, and Brian Heagle) who were formally accepted as candidates but for various reasons withdrew in short order. It is also known that many other Burlingtonian hopefuls also submitted their applications to vie for the nomination but were summarily rejected by the central party nomination committee. As a result there was no competition for the nomination and this does a grave disservice to the constituents of Burlington. In my opinion, the nomination committee that has created this dubious scenario and has subverted our democratic process because they have fostered a condition in which there was no choice in who would become our next PC representative for the riding of Burlington.

  2. There was no choice allowed – and that is NOT democratic.

    The fact that the central PC party nomination committee announced the Burlington nomination meeting date right after the front runner nominee Mr. Brian Heagle (male) announced his withdrawal, speaks volumes about the dubious nature of this process. Brian dropped out the race because the central nomination committee was stalling and it was obvious that he was not going to be allowed to proceed. It is also known that there were other nominee applications that were submitted in the last several months that were summarily and arbitrarily rejected by the central nomination committee. Timing is everything. By hastily calling the nomination meeting and rejecting all other applications of other hopeful Burlington nominees, the central nomination committee effectively eliminated all competition and guaranteed that Mrs. Jane McKenna (female) would be appointed as MPP nominee for the riding of Burlington. Anyone that claims this is fair, open and transparent is also part of the problem.

  3. Vox Populi Z,

    I think you've made your point and have begun to repeat yourself. I've not published your last two comments because of this and not because I disagree with their sentiments.

    The unfortunate situation is what it is--next opportunity to react is Oct. 6.

  4. I've known Jane for several years and can only say Burlington deserves a lot better. As a self-declared business consultant, Jane has to yet to run anything approaching a successful business (dating service? consultant? garage sale website?). She has no post-secondary education. She has already changed positions on the proposed highway to run through protected lands (kind of against it when running before). I can only feel that the tories feel so safe with Burlington that they only need a puppet who will do whatever they ask. So they nominated Jane. I have voted conservative in the past but not this time around. I have to vote for what is best for Burlington.