Friday, June 10, 2011

Hudak promises public sector cut-backs

It is really nice to hear Progressive Conservative leader MPP Tim Hudak providing specifics of how he’ll deal with Ontario’s unsustainable deficit financing. He promised on Wednesday to cut spending in the public sector by two per cent until the province’s budget is balanced, assuming voters elect a PC government, of course.

In a speech to the Canadian Club of Ottawa, Mr. Hudak said:

“Beyond health and education, we will work to find two per cent in responsible savings throughout the government. That’s 2¢ on the dollar each year until we get this province’s budget balanced again.

“We will shrink the public sector and bring public-sector salaries in line with private sector realities.”

The PC leader admits, “It won’t be easy,”  and that he doesn’t “look forward to it,” but acknowledges, “it must be done,” and says, “it can be done smart.” With all of which I’m in full agreement, and I applaud the man for his courage to make bold statements and to offer bitter medicine for the better good of our province.

The public sectors at the federal and provincial levels need to be trimmed back to where they can be sustained, and to a point where hard-suffering tax payers can be given a break. It’s a disgrace that Tax Freedom Day this year came as late as June 6, two days later than Tax Freedom Day 2010, according to The Fraser Institute.

The Fraser Institute says the average Canadian family earned $93,831 income in 2011 and paid 42.6 per cent of that or $39,960 in taxes at all level of governments. I don’t believe Canadians should have to pay more than a third of their earnings to finance the public purse, especially since a great deal of their taxes go towards unreasonably high wages and overly-rich pensions for public sector workers compared to average workers in the private sector.

In the past, Mr. Hudak has argued that to win the next election the PC party needs to offer a real alternative to Dalton McGuinty. I’m pleased to see him following through on his prediction.


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  1. Yes we need to support Hudak on this. He is finally stepping to the plate.