Thursday, June 9, 2011

Elizabeth May shows us the old bait and switch scam is alive and well

According to the Toronto Star’s website, the Green Party’s British Columbia MP for Saanich-Gulf Islands, Elizabeth May, “plans to focus her limited powers in the [House of] Commons on improving parliamentary democracy.” Isn’t this just the latest illustration of the old political bait and switch scam we are so used to getting from Liberal leaders like Jean Chrétien’s scrap-the-GST election boondoggle and Dalton McGuinty’s no-new-taxes election lie?

“It’s not that I’m choosing to avoid the issue [environment/climate change] that I think is the single largest threat to our survival of civilization on this planet, but I want to use the opportunities I have in question period not to make rhetorical points, but to get real answers.”

It’s an old ploy, tell the electorate you’re one thing, then be something else once you’re in the House of Commons.

Apparently, Ms. May considers herself as someone who has something useful to add to debate on democracy and economics—what a silly woman. According to the Star’s report, “May expects to rise for the first time in question period on Thursday to ask whether the Conservative government plans to wrap any non-fiscal matters into its upcoming budget implementation bill.” And from that same report we learn, “May has also started working on some written order paper questions … about suspected backroom deals that have nothing to do with the environment.”

I, for one, wish she’d stick to the only thing about which she’s likely to be of some use in the House.


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  1. She's under the illusion that working within the system will change things. Wrong. No one will care what she says, and she completely ignored the environment in her push for power during the election, not to mention her abandonment of all the other green candidates, who might have done better had she campaigned nationally. Quite a few are disMAYed, as you and I are.

  2. four years of her baying like a sheep. thank god she does not have colleagues beside her. she would be able to ask even more stupid questions.