Thursday, June 23, 2011

Conrad Black’s fighting back

The Financial Post is reporting that ex-Canadian Conrad Black is on the “verge of finalizing a series of out-of-court settlements that will effectively end years of legal bickering in civil actions brought against him by his former Chicago-based publishing company and several defamation lawsuits launched by the former media baron against his accusers.”

The Post says that its sources, who are familiar with events, say Mr. Black is expected to receive a payment of about $8-million as part of the settlement. In return, he’s agreed to withdraw libel suits against Richard Breeden, a former chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, and a number of former Hollinger International officers and directors.

There are other substantial legal battles ahead for the former press baron, including a US$71-million lawsuit by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service for alleged unpaid taxes, which Mr. Black is challenging.

Too bad Mr. Black didn’t take the time to pursue individual libel/slander suits against the, predominantly, leftist pundits who dealt so harshly and unfairly with him in various Canadian media—and this long before he was convicted of anything in a court of law. I’d have loved to have seen his critics shut up and pay up for their unfair personal attacks on the man.

I’m no fan of Mr. Black, but I do believe he was treated shabbily by the media in general and by the American justice system in particular.

After completing 29 months of his jail term, the U.S. Supreme Court cast doubt on Mr. Black’s fraud convictions and he was released on bail last July. He is scheduled to be resentenced on Friday.

Perhaps a sentence of “time-served” will see justice served in this case.



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  1. His arrogance knew no bounds. Good piece.