Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tory tough-on-crime legislative program seem just fine with Liberal MP Mark Holland

Throughout the two federal Tory terms after defeating the Paul Martin minority Liberal government in 2006, ending 12 straight years of Liberal rule in Canada, we have been treated to a series of what amounts basically to trumped up scandals and opposition-instigated campaigns to discredit Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his government.

Now that we are in a general election, I’d expect to hear the opposition parties tell us more about how they’d make sure they would not make the same mistakes they claim the Conservatives have. Judging from the recent admission by Liberal MP Mark Holland, however, it is unlikely we’ll hear much of that. After ranting and raving about the Tory policies on crime and prisons, Holland, the Liberals’ public safety critic told the QMI Agency: “I don't see anything right now that we need to go back and undo.” What an astonishing admission.

Countless times this fellow has gone on CTV and CBC to castigate the prime minister for his tough-on-crime legislative program. Now he tells us his party will not undo anything already done by the Tories. Michael Ignatieff has been banging on at what he calls Conservative spending on “jets, jails and corporate tax cuts” at every opportunity. But now Holland, his public safety critic, won’t say whether the Grits would roll back the $601 million in prison infrastructure spending that has already been announced by the Tories. Hmm.

I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised. One can really never tell where Mr. Ignatieff truly stands on any issue. During the dust up in Ottawa over torture of Afghanistan detainees, he seemed to be dead set against torture, yet as recently as 2003, he could see a situation in which torture could be condoned. See the following from YouTube:

In 2004, he seems to be saying the same thing. Also note that how totally wrong he was about there being a civil war in Iraq. Listen to what he tells Charlie Rose.

Is this fellow prime minister material? Is he ever right? Does he have any position that he believes is worth sticking with? No, no and no.


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  1. Who speaks for the Liberal party,
    Holland or Ignatieff?

    Fife tweet:
    ''Ignatieff refuses to say what Tory crime laws he will repeal to send fewer people to prison.'' #elxn41 #cdnpoli

  2. Holland must be finding out at the door what the rest of Durham Region already knows - that his constituency is riddled with crime. It's not know to police as "Scarborough east" for nothing. This sanctimonious blowhard clown must be sent packing.