Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Take the gravy train to the public trough

It seems to me the gravy train didn’t just run through Toronto City Hall, but makes regular visits to Queen’s Park. Or perhaps, in the case of Queen’s Park, we should change the Toronto Mayor Rob Ford-inspired metaphor from “gravy train” to “public trough.” Toronto Sun columnists Christina Blizzard has written a very disturbing piece telling us about two of the most egregious cases of waste of taxpayer money in the recent past.

Firstly, there’s the case of former deputy minister Ron Sapsford who left the health ministry on January 3, 2010 after resigning in November 2009 over the eHealth scandal of waste and mismanagement. Apparently, Sapsford showed up on the recent “Sunshine List” under people making more than $100,000 at Hamilton Health Sciences Centre.

Why in the world a former deputy minister’s remuneration would show up there is anybody’s guess. Anyone want to wager it’s because Premier Dalton McGuinty’s government is trying to bury a major embarrassment? Anyway, Sapsford made $672,916 in 2010, with expenses of $89,152. Some golden handshake, eh?

Secondly, there’s the case of eHealth’s former CEO Sarah Kramer who received a severance package of $317,000. This after Ontario’s Auditor-General Jim McCarter produced a scathing report on the eHealth excesses.

In McGuinty’s world, if you do a terrific job you receive wages and benefits fit for the fattest of cats. But, even if you do a terrible job—one bad enough to get you fired—you get fat-cat treatment in your severance package. Strange old world.

This crap never ends. But it does not seem to bother Ontario Catholic teachers whose union will be running a $3-million political campaign this fall to keep McGuinty in office and his friends happily stuffing themselves from the public trough. Apparently, the Ontario Catholic Teachers Association has levied $60-per-member to fund a political campaign to keep Tim Hudak’s Progressive Conservatives out of office. Pretty cheap price to pay, I suppose, if it maintains seats on the gravy train for Catholic teachers.

Time for change, folks.


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