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A second look at Burlington PC nomination hopeful, Brian Heagle

You would never know it by the Burlington PC Riding Association’s presence on the Internet (see earlier post here), but Burlington does have, at least, two capable candidates contesting the PC nomination, replacing the retiring incumbent, MPP Joyce Savoline. There may even be more candidates by this writing.

In an earlier post, I wrote about meeting one of the declared candidates, the former riding association president, René Papin, and the fact I’d favour him in the coming nomination. Perhaps I was a bit premature in my judgment.

I haven’t really changed my opinion of Mr. Papin—that’s very much positive—I, however, now have an improved opinion of his rival Brian Heagle, a lawyer and former (2009) Burlington citizen of the year.

My earlier concern was with the level of commitment Mr. Heagle had to the conservative cause in general and in Burlington in particular. After all, Mr. Heagle had entertained the idea of running for the Liberals in a past election. I was also troubled by the suggestion he had been “out-worked” by his opponent when he contested a seat on Burlington’s city council last fall.

After meeting Mr. Heagle and chatting for about two hours, I am compelled to say my earlier assessment was too hasty. He is neither a Liberal nor does he shirk hard work—though even he seems to admit he could have been more visible during his city council campaign. I suppose a request to consider running for the Liberals is less egregious that seek out the opportunity, so I, for one, feel I can safely overlook what I took for a lack of commitment to conservative values.

Not only has Mr. Heagle had a successful 20-year career in commercial and corporate law, this Ontario Scholar and Queen’s University (English and History) and University of Windsor (law) graduate has found the time to be very active as a volunteer in our community—volunteer interests include board of directors for the Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital Foundation and chair of the local YMCA, along with involvement with charitable organizations. He has also made a significant contribution to the creation of Performing Arts Burlington as both founder and board member. Sounds like a full schedule to me.

Two candidates who seem very able augurs well for the recovery of the political health of the conservative cause in Burlington. Progressive on the social side; conservative on the fiscal side—sounds a lot like Bill Davis’s Progressive Conservatives don’t they?


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