Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Over-taxed Canadian voters rushing to vote for tax-and-spend socialists

The strangest of contradictions often occur during general elections. In this election, for example, we see already over-taxed Canadian voters rushing to vote for Jack Layton’s New Democrats, Canada’s champions the tax-and-spend principle of good government.FileJack Layton-cr bl

On the same day that I read that an EKOS poll is predicting 100 seats for the NDP on May 2, the Fraser Institute publishes a new study by senior economist Milagros Palacios and Niels Veldhuis, director of Budget and Tax Policy, which concludes, “Taxes have grown over the past 49 years to the point that government is now the largest expenditure facing a family.” And what are the NDP promising Canadians? More taxes, including a brand new carbon tax scheme that’ll add to the cost of virtually everything we buy in the country.

The Fraser Institute publishes the Canadian Consumer Tax Index, which tracks the total tax bill of the average Canadian family from 1961 to 2010, shows the “total tax bill of the average Canadian family, including all types of taxes, has increased by 1,686 per cent since 1961.” In fact, taxes “have grown much more rapidly than any other single expenditure for the average Canadian family. In contrast to the increase in taxes, expenditures on shelter increased by 1,175 percent, food by 498 percent, and clothing by 510 percent from 1961 to 2010,” according to the index.

The results of the Fraser Institute study does beg the question: why would Canadians choose to pay even more taxes?

Not even the Dippers themselves know just how much more of our taxes they’ll need to cover their billions of dollars worth of campaign promises. Jack Layton claims his platform has been “fully-costed” and signed off by an economist. Be that as it may, mere days following the release of the platform, analysts have forced the NDP to concede they might not be able to pay for $3.6 billion worth of green spending initiatives. And billions more of spending by the NDP seem not to be covered by future federal revenue unless taxes are increased even more.

I believe the New Democrats have been hoisted with their own petard. No one—least of all Layton and his team—believed the Dippers could do better than a strong third among the national parties, so they wrote their platform like a huge wish list to give themselves lots of talking points, knowing it was unlikely to attract much serious scrutiny—it never has in the past.

Suddenly, though, all eyes are on Jack Layton and his platform. Oh, oh!


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  1. This is eerily similar to the Rae victory in Ontario.

    The numbers from Ekos are too good to be true for the NDP I suspect.

    The spike is real though and I would guess that those who truly want to stop Harper have decided to abandon the Libs. It has been clear that since the debates that the Libs can't win so why support them if they are the simply the lesser of two evils?

    It is possible that some Libs, even if it is only a few, might decide that a Harper gov't is better than a Layton led one and may switch to the Cons.

  2. The Big Con.

    Subtitle: How I Learned to Live with the NDP's Higher Taxes, and Love It!

    A quickie primer on Jack's (or Iggy's) promises and costs. Fast read, depressing conclusion. Some macabre humour in between: http://burpnrun.blogspot.com/2011/04/big-con.html

  3. The back-to-reality reviews of the NDP platform are in. Simply stated, they read "Hashtag Fail".

  4. The EKOS poll predicts 53 seats for the NDP in Quebec? Not likely.

  5. "… a fascist dictator like Harper?" Hate is an ugly thing.

  6. When you have a race of five people and four are commies, then they are interchangeable. I remember Agent Smith in the Matrix movies... he could come out of any puppet stooge. (real conservative)

  7. Cap and trade Jack?I dont think so.This will benefit no one except Wall street Mr Layton.Im disappointed Jack.Out of one side of your mouth you talk about taxing corporates and bank and then out of the other youll raise the taxes of every single canadian man woman and child with this ridiculous cap and trade scheme.
    And any politician that is willing to do this will face fierce resistance to it.Mark my words.