Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ontario household budgets threatened by skyrocketing energy prices

In a say-it-ain’t-so moment yesterday, the Ontario Energy Board announced yet another increase that will cost Ontario families about $75 more per year for electricity. Didn’t Dalton McGuinty promise that his Green energy experiments would only raise hydro bills by 1 per cent? I’ve read that, under the McGuinty government, Ontario Hydro rates will have increased 84 per cent by May 1. What happened?

It seems that, every May 1st, Ontario households are being slammed with higher and higher Hydro costs. Apparently, the increases are a direct result of expensive energy experiments being sponsored by the provincial government. So much for McGuinty’s cozy deals with foreign owned multi-nationals at the expense of our home-grown emerging industry.

And, weren’t smart meters supposed to save us money? Not saving anything at my home. We have reduced usage and shifted usage to off-hours, but bills still keep going up and up. We’re retired seniors; we can’t keep affording this.

The premier promised us, in last year’s Fall Economic Update, that our bills are expected to go up 46 per cent by 2015—is this $75 increase included there, or is this an additional increase? Let’s hope it’s the former.

And what’s with that “Debt Retirement Charge” we keep paying on our Hydro bills? Shouldn’t that have been paid off by now? I understand PC leader Tim Hudak plans to look into this. High time someone did.


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  1. How about working class families trying to feed and clothe their kids, paying for post secondary education and then also trying to save for retirement...that's a joke. I don't know very many people my age that will even have a company pension in their senior years. Maybe there will be a position for me at Walmart in my retirement!!