Monday, April 18, 2011

New poll see Tories with 12 point lead over Grits

New Democrats are soaring, but, overall, the Conservatives are the choice of 38 per cent of decided voters, according to Leger Marketing’s poll over the weekend. Tories are up one point from Leger’s last poll on April 4.

The Liberals are holding steady with 26 per cent support, unchanged from two weeks ago, but also unchanged from their level of popular support on election day in 2008. The NDP is at 22 per cent, a jump of four percentage points in the last two weeks. The Green Party has lost three percentage points and has the support of 5 per cent of voters.


  1. Your Google ads stink!

  2. I hope that we don't end up with a coalition with Mini-Marx at the head. He's even worse than Iggy. Iggy's an idiot, Mini-Marx isn't.

  3. Funny - every newscast is touting the Harris Decima with the Tories at 36% saying they are slipping in support.

    I am sure that they will be changing it soon to say they are surging again?????

    any time now......right?????


  4. Went to a town hall tonight in the Esquimalt/Juan de Fuca riding (Victoria, B.C.) loaded with Lib and NDP supporters. They were SO disrespectful of not only the Tory candidate, but the entire audience with their boos and hisses. I thought if this is a taste of what "dialogue" is like in parliament (you know the "we'll reach out to other parties" crowd), no wonder parliament is dysfunctional. I was disgusted!
    The Lib candidate Lillian Spzak accused the Con candidate Troy de Souza of "lying" right into her microphone! This is the second time she has done this in a public forum. She looked like a complete fool as she didn't bother to check her facts to find out the truth. She was trying to take credit for Liberal Keith Martin instead of the Tory candidate's accomplishment of helping to fund the EJDF Senior's centre. I know. I spoke with the Senior's society's president. Once again, all Liberal spin. The Tory candidate took this with grace and style. The Liberals are not exactly using "the moral high ground" now are they? Frank Grave's (EKOS) Pollster's culture war continues in an effort to besmirch the Conservatives from a majority. Heaven help us all if the Opposition puts their "carbon tax/cap and trade" agenda on Canada. The west will separate as jobs disappear and western Canada is heavily taxed as "energy rich provinces" to pay for all the eastern social policies.

  5. You know what to do when the google ads stink? Click them of course!!! It costs whomever is advertising, say the Liberal Party of Canada, some cash every time you do. Makes you feel better now doesn't it?