Friday, April 15, 2011

Nanos shows Harper at record high on competence and vision

The Nanos Research group’s day 19 of its nightly tracking poll reports Prime Minister Stephen Harper at a highest-ever 122.8 on the Leadership Index that measures each leader’s trustworthiness, competence and vision. What a contrast: PM Harper’s at 122.8 whilst Jack Layton is a very poor second at 57.3 and the hapless leader of the Grits, Michael Ignatieff, is at 52.7—all this after the leaders’ debates in both languages.

PM Harper’s index score on “trust” is up a bit more than 5 points, on “competence” he’s up just under 13 points and on “vision for Canada” he’s up almost 10 points.

Based on these numbers, the Conservatives seem the clear choice for most Canadians who live outside Quebec. In Quebec, Jack Layton seems to be the strongest of federalist leaders, but in the rest of Canada he’s a distant also-ran. Why Quebec chooses to give the separatist party and the least-likely-to-win federalist party the majority of their votes is a mystery to me.

I’d have thought Quebecers would want strong representation in a Tory and/or Liberal cabinet, but they choose to be on the outside looking in. Pity.


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  1. Because you can only cry and moan from the outside.