Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Michael Ignatieff, hubris is thy name

Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff (L) listens to a question while speaking to journalists with Member of Parliament Bob Rae following a caucus meeting on Parliament Hill in Ottawa June 9, 2010.       REUTERS/Chris Wattie       (CANADA - Tags: POLITICS)

The Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff takes a back seat to no one when it comes to tooting his own horn. He really is quite shameless at it. Here we have the  Grits heading for a, perhaps unprecedented, shellacking on May 2—they may even emerge in third or fourth place on May 3. But Michael sees it all quite differently.

Ignatieff told reporters in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario:

“It’s very clear to me is that what is happening in the country is that two-thirds of the country wants to get rid of Stephen Harper and so we will await the result of the people.”

Say what?

Is it not much more likely that more than three quarters of the country want to get rid of Michael Ignatieff? His party is loosing in every region of the country. Only small islands of support remain. They’ll almost certainly be shut out in whole provinces, retaining substantial support in downtown Toronto and Montreal only. Can’t he see that this is a massive repudiation of what he’s offering the Canadian people?

Apparently not.

According to this report, “Michael Ignatieff insists he is still in the race and believes Canadians will elect his party to form the government on Monday. But if they don’t, he suggested Wednesday that he hasn’t shut the door on leading an effort to unite the country’s centre-left.”

Forget coalition, folks, the guy’s going for merger.

Ignatieff reportedly told reporters Wednesday that he sees common sets of values between both parties. He said:

“We have certain values that we have always shared and we’ve shared for 60 years.

“We share objectives with the NDP…”

Wow, Warren Kinsella was right after all. He said they were talking merger months ago. Senior Liberals even slagged him off for saying so.

But what in the world could Ignatieff be thinking of when he suggested he’d be leading an effort to unite the country’s centre-left. Leading? Really? No one’s going through your red door, Michael!

Jack Layton is the one who’ll be leading the left on May 2, not Ignatieff. He’ll be too busy scrambling to save his political skin and that of a few big-name Liberals in Toronto.

Ignatieff will be lucky to be Leading the Liberal Party three months from now, never mind leading an effort to unite the country’s centre-left.


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  1. He'll be luckey to keep his own seat.

  2. I'm trying to figure out what stage of grief Iggy has reached so far.
    I think he's gone through denial: Rise up, rise up. (This one really ticked me off because I had that damn Parachute Club song in my head for a week. And there it goes again. Antidote is Pretty Vacant by the Sex Pistols.)
    And he's gone through anger: Does he think he's the king?
    Right now he's bargaining: Iggy leaves door open to merger.
    I'm looking forward to seeing the last two which are depression and acceptance.
    May he wear them well for what he's done.